High Five  

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2/27/2006 12:45 am

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High Five

And so my sexual saga continues, may I present:


Italian: Check
Soldier: Double check ( I lost my virginity to a soldier many years ago...hence the double)

He joined the site recently and caught my attention during my periodic review of "who's online in your area" auto search I have running. He looked so adorable in his pic and even though he lived in Bethel Park (relative to my Oakland), the distance wasn't enough to deter me from saying hello.

He replied in turn with a pic of his bodacious 8 in cock (YUMMY!) which caused my pussy to drool and my hands to follow its command--

Me: "How far are you from Oakland?"
Him: "I live in Oakland now.. I'm a 10 min walk from you."

So you all should know me by now, and realize that it was ON!

We met at 1:45AM at my love nest and had very little chit chat before beginning our encounter, claiming me with his feverish kisses and light caress. My hands immediately go for the prize below the belt. I love to feel a dick grow stiff and taut in my hands. I love how tight the balls become in anticipation of the sexual act. I fondled him through the cloth until he shucked his pants entirely. I wore a robe with filmsy lingerie underneath, so there wasnt much for me to conceal.

What can I say? Im a fan of easy access.

He kissed and suckled my skin until his mouth reached my wet pussy, moaning his pleasure as he fingered, licked, and sucked it. My pussy (like a newborn babe) instinctively gripped his finger and he was surprised that I could control my tight pussy at will. I was equally surprised at how much my pussy loved his attentions. This man has a TALENTED TONGUE AKIN TO A SERPENT! He was very deliberate in how he savored my secret place, providing just the right combinations of stimulation at the right intervals. I came hard into his mouth as he applied the pressure. Every area on my body became sensitive to the touch. It felt like heaven. I proceeded to do my favorite thing... licking and sucking balls. He had such a nice penis you just wanna give head to. His precum tasted sweet in my mouth as I twirled my tongue about the tip of him. Yum.

Wanting to feel him inside of me, I mounted him and began to ride his long cock. I immediately felt the delicious pressure his endowment created as the uptilt of his pelvis pushed his cock deeper. Flipped over, my tightness overtook him as he fucked me doggy style, and he busted his first nut of the night. I have to admit I cheated, since I tighten my muscles to increase his pleasure and take him over the edge. I like that my pussy is powerful that way.

Yet it surprises me that more women arent tight. You gotta do the kegels gals. Men too. It helps them last longer--it helps our pussies become tighter.

We chat for a bit (very social and engaging young man he is) until I palm his cock for round 2. We go straight into missionary style as I grind my pelvis to his to bring him to the hilt. I love deep penetration. I wanna feel you like you feel me. Ya dig? Well, I felt him alright... till my abdominal muscles hurt since I orgasmed straight from my pussy radiating to the pelvis. Ahh... nothing like it folks. He busted his load not too long after. We were both very hot, sweaty, and extremely content.

It's now 3:45AM.. he left a few mins ago to give you an idea on time. I had a lot of fun and I have to admit that I have been fortunate on AdultFriendFinder with regards to my ability to determine who will be a good fuck. Hopefully, I will continue to be right.

Check out PghDemo88's tetimonial on my profile. Cheers everyone!

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