The Kiss  

FiestyRedhead08 47F
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8/5/2006 7:23 pm
The Kiss

At times like these when I caress your soul through the sound of your voice across an endless chasm of distance, it makes it impossible for me to forget one particular moment. Even though remembering your kisses is like swallowing a sword that cuts both ways because it makes me want you even more and one would think I should know better by now than to swallow poisoned honey.

The second-best-kiss I have ever received was on an evening in the dark of winter in a castle perched high above the icy waves of the Atlantic. You may not even remember, but I surely cannot forget that moment in time. I shall never forget, for it sets me on fire each time I think of that kiss my skin grows flushed even now so many eons later. How wicked you are to enslave me with a kiss, oh dark prince of my delight!

I was very close to you and we were smoking a little pot and remembering all the reasons we put up with the inevitable maelstrom of drama that follows our every move. We were arguing. Or pretending to argue more like for in reality we were dancing, rejoicing in the mental foreplay we sometimes engage in when we crave each other very much. You would not take a wager with me though I felt certain you should. You always resist the most delicious wagers (fear of your loss I am certain!) and you accused me of egging you on for no good reason. Except there was a very good reason, dear sweetness, its pleasurable to wind you up and you know it.

You looked so good that night, dressed to kill as they say. You are well aware of your powers, being such a devilishly handsome man, and you like to use them for evil, dont you? Your eyes were full of promises I so very much longed for you to keep though I knew it was very unlikely you would, given that we were headed out to the bar forthwith. Still, one smoldering look from you is worth a thousand years of waiting for you have bedroom eyes of the highest magnitude as you full well know.

I stopped mid-argument and knelt before you enjoying the feeling of being overpowered by the virility of your body so close to my own. I didnt dare touch you at first but merely whispered in your ear words which had very little meaning save for the siren song of desire. The intoxication of your scent made me heady and my every neuron began to hum the way it does when you set me on fire until at last I become as molten lava with no form save my elemental soul. Finally your beautiful face brushed against mine and I could feel the warmth of your skin as my fingers danced like butterfly wings across your jaw pulling your mouth onto mine.

I whispered to you more as my lips brushed yours, and at long last, after a thousand years of longing, I felt the softness of your tongue invade my mouth with sensual abandon. Helpless against the sway of my yearning, I pushed myself against your chest feeling my heart beating so fast that the blood rushed in my ears like a thousand stallions' hooves hitting the earth at once. My fingers were lost in the raw silk of your hair and the taste of you was as lush as any forbidden fruit could ever be. You wrapped your arms around the small of my back drawing me into you, ravishing me with that one sweet kiss for which I wouldn't trade the world and then someone came in the room and it was over too soon and I felt like my desire would sear my flesh from my bones if I didn't have you again...

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