Naked Pool Party 4  

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8/28/2005 2:23 pm

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Naked Pool Party 4

Every party we have I think is the best: last nite was no exception. Every person here seemed to have the same ideas for how the party would go and the schedule for how the evening would progress. Our “guest of honor” was awesome and a lovely person to be around.

As usual, we weeded through a ton of emails to get to the chosen few we would invite to the party. Even though the crowd was smaller than originally expected, we had a nice choice of play partners and more than a few orgasms by the time the evening was complete. Weather and the threat of weather made preparation later than normal though, so the whole outdoor setting could have been made lots more bearable with the addition of more citronella oil!

To those of you that attended, thanks, Thanks, and again-THANKS! Each of you were a blast to be with and we hope you come back to many many more parties! You can come over and have coffee with us any time you want to! The pool is ALWAYS open and the phone number is ALWAYS available to you!

I’m still laughing at the comment that you can tell where the real swingers are, when they bring out the mattress it fits right in and you never even have to move a chair out of the way! I guess that’s only for us hard core swingers, you know–the ones that always leave the mattress out and available……..

There is nothing quite like sitting at the computer the next day and reliving the events while looking at the photos–a sandwich made and a guest turned into filling…..a puppy being introduced to his new home……….coffee with friends……….a pile of bodies on a mattress………..the face of someone screaming in orgasm………..a pool filled with naked bodies………..

Anyway, its supper time at the home of the world infamous pool parties. I think I’m gonna go see if I can scare up one of those burgers left over and head back out to the pool. I hope you all have safe roads and happy memories, sexy days ahead, and hurry back soon!

Please feel free to leave your comments–I love them!
Hot kisses and licks-Betty

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