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3/27/2006 4:34 pm

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.So lame.

So umm..an old 'friend' drops by my house last night. I mean he really just blew in from outta nowhere because I hadn't talked to him in about 7 months or longer prior to last night. When he shows up, I'm shocked as hell, but at the same time I'm like, wow, no call first or anything? Big no-no, especially if we aren't cool like that anymore, which we're not because he kind of just left, no explanation or anything and when I tried to call, he ignored me. So anyway I let him in, and we're chilling, talking and catching up..I'm asking him questions trying to find out what happned with us..and he's totally avoiding every last one of them. Next thing I know, he's all over me, trying to touch my ass and kiss me, rub my breasts and what not. Now I was horny, I mean REALLY horny, and any other time I might would have actually fucked him, but don't think you can blow me off for 7 months, ignore me and have your idiotic friends lie to me about where you are or what you're doing, and then come back and think that you have claims on this pussy. Like he can just pop up anytime and I will drop my panties just like that. And then he's got the nerve to get angry because I rejected him. So he stoops to the level of calling me a bitch. Whatever. No need to get all upset, so I kindly said what I had to say, letting him know that he's a jerk and to never contact me again, and sent his ass on his merry way. Pshhh. Is he serious?? He's a loser for that. I mean, it's amazing how some men actually think that they're THAT good. Confidence is one thing, but sheesh. Hmm..maybe it actually is men out there that really are THAT good, but he wasn't one of them and I haven't met any yet soooo..BLAH.

Anyway..I just needed to vent..that is all about that bullshit.

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