Felix4morefun 44M
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7/19/2006 8:46 am

So there we are alone the two of us…not how I was hoping it would be but circumstance lead us to her place nonetheless.

Now I should know by now that some 19 year old’s don’t have years of experience and may not have seen too many men naked.
This girl was no different; she was lovely, blonde hair green eyes and everything still going north. Not a mark on her… I wish I could say the same for me.
The years have been kind to me and I’m not in to shabby shape.
She liked the way I looked… she made that clear…. Now I like to have some say as to what the hell is going on but I want you to imagine a Tasmanian dust devil with Blond hair…. Fuck me she was everywhere… Me thinking take your time love I will be here for a long time…don’t burn out on me…
She had obviously never seen a circumcised guy before…so she grabs a hold of Felix Jnr and start’s trying to push back the skin I DON’T FUCKING HAVE….
You don’t need to do that I said…did she listen Hell No… no no she kept at it until I said STOP YOU’RE GOING TO RIP IT OFF… She did try and kiss me all better but I was in agonizing pain… luckily I still had the master card and recovered the day…

Master card…you say....Like I’m going to tell you lot…. Ya gotta meet for that Ace...

Now where did I put that bag of Frozen Peas!!!

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