Skirts and Dresses  

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2/4/2006 11:56 pm

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Skirts and Dresses

I absolutely love a woman that is wearing a skirt or a dress. It’s uniquely female and can really fire up my 350 cubic inches of motor power. Pants are so businesslike, working in the yard bad hair day humdrum. Don’t get me wrong; we all are going to have bad hair days. You can’t be in the yard all the time and expect to start some motors. If you got the leg, bust out with those killer getaway sticks! Ugly legs, well, wear pants. You could put Jabba The Hut in a skirt with nice legs and heads will turn (At first, Yuk)! Don’t wear a dress to work and show up all your co-workers are ugly bitches with bad attitudes, they don’t get laid because they have old growth for legs. Just don’t hold back with the skirt. You’ll feel real good about it. I know I will.

Leg connoisseur

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