Confessions of a window washer  

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2/14/2006 11:09 pm

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Confessions of a window washer

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my time. Some were bigger than others. I thought room service was the one that was rivaled only by porno peep shows. Uninhibited patrons answering the door naked, or friends let me in to set up their food while a blond gets the lazy susan treatment. I’m not sure why they ordered any food. She received plenty of protein while I was there alone! Plus, the slew of women (married or not), that are trapped in a resort and not much more to do accept order room service. Each time I would always look at the menu to see where my name was so I knew what to charge. None of this can compare to the art of washing windows. It pays well when you own the business, and there some fringe benefits too. Lets me tell you about “Candy”. Ill call her that to keep her anonymous and because she was sweet! 5’5”, 125lbs, brunette and built for high speeds. Yum! Ok, I started on the tall windows on the front and worked my way to the last one, master bedroom. I just started when she walked in. A planned entrance I’m sure. She walked up to a mirror and started brushing her hair. I had a clear view from the side. The bed was behind her with nothing on it but a sheet. She then took her shirt off and tossed it on the floor. I wished that were my floor! She continued to stand at the mirror rubbing her face and chest. Only the mid thigh skirt remained. I continued drooling, aaaa, washing the same window over and over when she went to the bed and lay down. Uh, oh. She whipped out a dilly and licked and sucked for a few minutes. I wished I were plastic at this time. Then, as predicted, down it goes. With a clean window, I had a clear view for sure. In and out, moaning load enough for me to hear. Then, she turned her back to me, kneeling on the bed still wearing that skirt; she started riding her little friend. With a bone hard enough to cut glass, I couldn’t wash the same window anymore, (or take it). I walked around the front of the house debating how I would get the check with a strait face. So, after a couple smokes, I knocked on the door with my bone since the swelling wouldn’t go down, and her daughter answered. She had the check and a shit-eating grin on her face. She handed me the check and said, don’t be shocked about my mom, she did the same thing to the carpet cleaner too.
True story

P.S. My girlfriend had the time of her life that day for sure

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