Free Time!!  

FeelinFriendly2 48F
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8/8/2006 12:04 pm

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8/14/2006 10:11 am

Free Time!!

Was just pondering on this today and just curious too see what types of things people like too do in their free time. I must admit that during a normal week i don't have much time free but every now and then when i get a chance i love too go down too the lake and just take a walk and relax, i guess it is my break from reality. A place where i can daydream and just think of the day. I also enjoy star gazing and the night air, being the night owl that i am my prime time is the night. SO of course this is the best time too get in touch with me. What are some things that you enjoy doing in your free time? Just curious.

2daycowboywanted 46F

8/8/2006 1:11 pm

During my free time - I love to have sex!

Until later

ZZ_Todd 61M

8/8/2006 3:32 pm

I read, a lot. Stephen King, James Patterson... and uh, a little known gem that the so-called legitimate literary community tries to believe doesn't exist: The A.F.F. Blogs!

countryheart_71 46F
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8/8/2006 7:22 pm

I read Patricia Cornwell alot. I love murder mysteries. I like to read blogs also. I love to take off and go for a walk but with being a single mom of 3 little kids, rarely do I get to do that. I love to just take off and go for a drive and see where I end up, windows down and radio blaring.


rm_sizzlin57 60M

8/8/2006 8:57 pm

I enjoy reading. Lately I've been reading books by Homer Hickam. They're kind of different from the usual mystery novels. I try to golf, but anyone who watches me might wonder if I'm actually enjoying it! lol. I enjoy going for a drive and/or taking a walk or hike and just enjoying nature. I enjoy camping, but haven't been able to do much of that this summer. /And of course I have to agree with cowboy that sex is always a fun activity!

silvereclipes2 51M

8/12/2006 10:46 am

i enjoy reading any thing from willaim i do love going back in our past and reading of the good ol days of the mountain men and gunfighters.

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