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Faulkan 49M
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8/1/2005 12:57 pm

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Back for Chapter 3

She was so wet with excitement of finally receiving my cock I pentertated her easily. My thick cock gently dividing her and reaching deep with the first thrust. "...uhh..uh." she moaned slightly as I reached near full burial. "...uh..o god.." she half-whimpered, clasping on to me hard. Her beautiful face wincing as the full length of my cock came to rest inside her. Sheer pleasure filling my mind, I began steadily pumping her. Her nice big tits bouncing and jiggling with every stroke. I lean down and fill my hand with her right breast and then begin to lick her nipple. Sucking on it. Licking it. My cock never slowing. Thrusting and thrusting while I moved to suck and lick her left breast. After a short time I returned to just concentrating on giving her a good fucking so I wouldnt burn myself out by leaning so far forward. Lifting her legs straight up in the air and slightly angled towards her, I slammed my cock hard into pussy. Then again. With her juices flowing all over my hardend cock this position was very pleasurable. And I wanted my cock so deep inside her! Slamming into her again I let her ankles rest on my shoulders. Then, slightly leaning into her I pushed my cock to the very hilt and then pushed once more to ensure I was as deep as possible. "Oh my god..." I thought. Feeling so damn good to be this far inside her gorgeous sweet pussy just excited me even more! All with her husband clicking away which I just now remembered he was doing. Letting her legs fall back to the bed, I decided it was time to pick up my pace and started lifting myself up from her but not out...and dropping my cock hard and deep into her. "Aaah!!" she gasped! Quickly lifting, I dropped yet again She gasped...yet again. And again. This time faster. The next time deeper. Again and again...!! Now I was starting to feel that warm feeling you get when you know it wont be long. Readjusting and going back to sucking on her tits stemmed off my release. For now. I continued to fuck her with my thick rod while I buried my head in her lovely chest. Looking up at her now and seeing her in pure bliss sent me wild! I lifted my head out of her chest, spread her legs as wide as they would go....and just started fucking !! Hard and fast. Not caring now whether I would cum or not. The look on her face. The smell of sex. Her gorgeous body and her long hair strewn about around her. Sensation now filling my loins and reaching top end I continued my long, deep and hard thrusts. "Oh god.." I remember thinking as I neared extacy. Then, "Uuuuughhhh...". "Uuuuughh...." My cock out of her soaking pussy just in time for the camera. Click! And cum spewed into the air. Squirting up and landing on her stomache. "Oh GOD that was good!" I exclaimed a little to loudly. Leaning over her, I gently kissed her again and again. My hands gliding over her body, soothing her. Cuddling close I wispered, "You were wonderful. Thank you."

This was actually the first part of the evening. I may keep the second half of the evening to myself. But that's up for discussion. LOL Let's just say for of the most amazing blowjobs I've ever had...and was my turn to be on my back! LOL
Thanks for reading !!

rm_abcple 44M/44F

8/2/2005 7:57 am

C'mon, don't be selfish. We want the rest of the story. When does she reach extacy?

smartypants2u 47F  
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8/31/2005 6:33 am

Hmmmmm.... One of the most amazing blowjobs? Do I still rank at the best?

Feel free to come take a glance at my blog smartypants2u... Looking forward to hearing you...

Faulkan 49M

9/5/2005 6:32 pm

Hmm...well...*smiles* I may need to have my memory refreshed again. From both of course. *teasing* Just teasing. are both absolutely amazing in that area! How could I possibly say that either of you were not the best! *kisses*

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