New Begginnings Shall Be HARD!  

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7/21/2006 7:20 am

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7/27/2006 7:38 am

New Begginnings Shall Be HARD!

I've known Nick since Jr. High School and we've been on and off hook up friends ever since. Although we still get toghether a few times a month, it hasn't been as much fun as when we were younger, because Nick has refused to dress up at all, and i'm only allowed to wear a thong and sometimes a camisole at his house. Last night though, when he got to the house, I was sorting my girlie girl clothes as we partied and watched porn toghether, and Nick eagerly got dressed up for the first time in three or four years in a pair of black thigh highs and sexy lace pants and was sitting on the couch rubbing his fat, stiff cock through the lace of the pants as he waited for me to come down. I strutted into the room on my big heels wearing just a thong and my teeny tiny booty shorts on the bottom and a satin bra under a barely there t shirt, and posed in front of him with my hip jutting out and my hand resting on it. look really dirty he moaned in anticipation as I knelt between his legs and started kissing his manhood through the lace, then suckling his balls in the same manner, teasing him immensly befor efinally pulling down the pants and giving him a nice, wet blow job, swallowing his engorged shaft from tip to base repeatedly, until we got crazy, and i put my knees on the back of the couch and my hands on the floor and we sixty-nined with Nick Seated and me layed out on an angle, giving us both plenty of room to suck each others cock and balls, and Nick went nuts, taking my shaft balls deep over and over as I slipped my tounge in between his sweet little ass cheeks and gave his tight virgin hole a nice wet tounge fucking that had him moaning in ecstasy until he finally sat me down holding my legs spread wide as he slid a vibrator deep into my man pussy while sucking my cock from tip to base like a Dicksucking Diva until I was begging for his cock to be in my mouth like a cum crazed cocksucker until he sat down and I slid to the floor, eating his tight pink ass as he jerked off until he was just about to cum, then filling my mouth with cold water and sliding my lips over the tip all the way to the base, sending spasms of pleasure rippling through Nick's Hot body as he fucked my mouth hard and deep, his rigid pole choking me repeatedly until I felt his hands clutch my head as thick jets of cum splatter the back of my throat until I pull my mouth off his spewing dick and let his warm, sticky blasts of jizz coat my lips and cheeks like paint. MMMMMM.....I Love Cum, in my mouth, on my face, dripping down my ass. I can't wait for next time

Curious2cu76 42M

7/22/2006 3:16 pm

I think I am in love ... lol.. love to see what happens.. this story was very hot.. such a chubby now.. T

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12/25/2006 11:28 am

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