Legal Age In Canada..  

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12/5/2005 3:58 am

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Legal Age In Canada..

Hello all you sexy Bloggers out there. I'm back, after being ill for the past few days, with a new topic.

It might come as a shock to some of you that the legal age for Consensual Sex in Canada is 14. Yeah, the age you become and 'Adult' is 18, you can start driving a car at 16, buy cigarettes at 19, and drink when you are 20. But if you are horny, and want to have sex, you can legally do so at the age of 14.

Two or more months back, the government tried to raise the legal age to 16, but this proposition was not accepted. So the legal age for Consensual Sex remains the age 14. (Though I believe that there are some restrictions on how old the partner can be, or the age-difference, but this is one part that I am not sure about.)

Though it is true, that many people that young have not fully developed sexually, some have yet to even reach puberty at that age. But have you looked at the students of Jr. High and High Schools lately? Some of them have incredible bodies! Perfect breasts, sensual curves, and a certian way about them that seems to scream SEX! (And I am sure that some of the males are well-hung, but I don't swing that way..)

I am sure that many of us have had fantasies involving a younger partner, even under the age of 18. For those of us who live in Canada, we can legally act out those fantasies, if the other person is of sound mind and agrees to it. (But still try and stay away from underage pornography...the government doesn't like that... *better clear part of my*)

What are your thoughts about the legal age for Consensual Sex in Canada being 14 years old? Do you think it is appropriate? Is it down right disgusting? Should it be lowered even more?

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