My 1st,possibly last errotic story Part One  

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5/8/2006 5:24 pm

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My 1st,possibly last errotic story Part One

ATTENTION:This story is totally fiction,but if it was real this would be my lucky year!Although I did use an ex boyfriend's name! I look out the window,waiting for my boyfriend."I'm sooooooo excited!This date has me all too nervous!Travis said he has a suprise for me tonight,I wonder what it is,oh how do I look?"I turn around and ask my best friend."You look pretty,don't worry I'm sure it'll be ok."She tells me.Tonight I went all out (highly unlike me I'm very tomboyish)I had a french manicure and pedicure done,I'm wearing red strappy heels,a short sexy red dress,a black shrug,a pretty wrist watch,dangley earrings,my dreads are up in a ponytail,a small black purse,and I'm wearing some sexy eveningish makeup(yes makeup)All of a sudden I see a black hummer limo drives up,and Travis gets out wearing a smoking hot Armani suit,he's so cute,he has medium length brown hair,icey blue eyes,6ft5in,and weighs about 250,but its mostly muscle."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,HE'S HERE,HE'S HERE!!!!"I say and point 3 friends look and scream as they see him walk up."OK,OK,OK,YALL SHUT UP!Don't want him seeing us actin like an ass!"He knocks on the door,I run to the couch and sit down,watch tv,and play it cool.One of my friends answers the door,he steps in.I look over,smile and stand up."Good evening,Monique."He says and takes my hand and kisses it,then hands me a bouquet of Daisies (my favorite)"Good evening Travis,and thanks for the flowers!"I say smiling big.My friend takes the flowers from me "I'll put these in water for you,you guys go out and have fun ok?!""Thanks hun,where out."As we leave the houseI wrap one of my arms around his waist."You look so hot tonight baby!"I tell him.He blushes a little and says"So do you."I laugh "I'd only get this girly for you,ya know!"I smile as he opens the door to the hummer limo and lets me in,and he gets in as we drive off. Well thats the end of part one,keep posted for part two,possibly part three,anywho whatcha think so far?

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5/8/2006 5:43 pm

DAMN! I Want more!

Purry {=}


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