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5/28/2005 9:53 pm

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PlayStation Games

Today pretty much all I did was sit at home and play playstation. But to me, that is pretty cool. I think I must have played for about 3 hours today.. and probably about 2 yesterday. I love that thing. But here's the problem. Usually, I will get one game at a time and play it religously until I beat it. That's why I like more complicated games that don't get repetitive but take a while to beat. For example, when I had a Nintendo 64, I was a huge fan of Zelda Ocarina of Time.. I would play that one from dawn til dusk if I had the opportunity. Here's my query for all you gamers out there: What games can I check out for the PS2 system that are similar to that? Also, if you have a suggestion.. it would be important to note that anything bloody and gory pretty much makes me sick. I actually threw up after playing about 30 minutes of Silent Hill. Anyway, if you've got a suggestion that would be wonderful, but if not, thanks for checkin' me out anyway.

NickRules999 40M
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5/29/2005 10:46 pm

I have a PS2, but not many games for it. Mostly, I tend to lean more toward the WWE wrestling games. For me, it's fun to create a wrestler version of myself, and put him through a year of high profile matches and loyalty changes. I'd never be able to do it for real, so this would have to do. In my view, the best in the Smackdown series had to have been Here Comes The Pain. Story mode is totally programable. Not only can I take out and add superstars, but I can set whether they'll be faces or heels. With Smackdown Vs Raw, that went out the window. But that's what I play on that machine. Most of what I own is on my Gamecube. But, have you tried Fanal Fantasy X? That game plays almost like a movie. Great visuals and a nice story. And, I've read that the Jak series is pretty good, too. And, you might wanna try the Sly Cooper games. Just a few ideas.

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