thanks for the comments  

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3/4/2006 11:14 am

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thanks for the comments

hey i was way surprised at all the views and coments i got,, thanks to all who left coments and encouragement,, it means alot and some of your pictures are great for morale... well im sure many of you know people in iraq, for me its not bad just the time away from home,, and of course sex. being here with out sex is just makeing me horney all the time its nuts..

well more about me im now 29 yrs old and been in the military my entire adult life, i enjoy it. i used to be an infantry guy but now i fly apaches, go figure... i am a family guy with kids the whole bit.. but i didnt start a blog on a sex site for nothing i guess. but my job has been fun here at times ive got to blow alot of stuff up which is good fun, i got to see the elections and there success. i am one soldier who beleives in the mission, beleives in helping others, in my 6months here i have seen a good diffrence in the people here.. dont beleive the media hype.. we are doing great things here and makeing great progress.. well enough of my blabbing about iraq,,

my internet is painfully slow here so its just not possible to look at all your blogs i want to though but its like dial up slow sometimes, so if you leave a comment and i dont get a response to you dont take offense please.. but yea your pics are all great i wish i had a silver or gold membership to see all your profiles,, but im on yea who all the time, same name as here.. im not that bad of a speller had to do that so it would make it in the post,, well im always happy to receive pics and more, hint hint,, thanks .....mike

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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3/4/2006 4:57 pm

hope this finds you well. keep posting!!

Purry {=}


LustGoddess2469 51F  
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3/5/2006 12:00 am

Definitely keep posting - I enjoy reading your posts.

Thank you for serving, and stay safe.


kelly402005 53F

3/5/2006 12:19 am

Hey, I have dial-up here!!!
Are you saying I'm slow?
Won't send you any pics, sorry!
Just visit my blog like you did today,
you'll see I have pics for days!
And they are really me!
I know, I shouldn't take pics of me!!!
I just know my camera is gonna blow up..... LOL!

Loved your post in my blog today, thanks!

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