The Office Fantasy  

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11/30/2005 6:06 am

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The Office Fantasy

You arrive at my office for a Saturday morning meeting. Normally, I don't work on Saturday, no one is in the office, but it was the only day you can meet.

The office was a little warm, the heat was left on high overnight. I show you the way to my private office then leave to get you a glass of water and to collect your thoughts before we began our important meeting.

When I returned, you have removed your shirt because "it's hot in the office". Your nipples are hard. You notice me staring and can tell I'm excited about what is about to happen. You see the erection concealed by my pants and say you need to have a look at it. Pushing me against the wall, you kneel before me, unzip my pants and start sucking me. It's about all Ican take, when I stand up and bend you over my desk, face down. I lift your skirt and start licking you from behind. You groan with pleasure. I then enter you from behind. You are in such pleasure you can just whisper to me to keep fucking you. You feel so good, moaning in delight until we both exploded....

Are you interested in fulfilling this office fantasy? Let me know.

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