Philosophy of Right  

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3/17/2005 12:53 pm

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Philosophy of Right

What is the right thing to do? Should I kiss a girl or should I shake her hand good night? Should I invite her in, or accept an invitation to join her in her apartment? Guys want to know, women keep their secrets.

Here's my philosophy on the right thing to do:

If a guy wants to roll the girl around like a rag doll than he should tell her. When a guy wants to run and scream from a boring, blow your brains out date, he should tell her. When a guy wants to just be friends, he should tell her!

I know, I know. Nothing inspiring or amazing in this philosophy but just think of the problems that would be solved if this was actually put into action. It would have amazing consequences and empowering results.

For instance, women would be on the defensive, they would have to try and make the impression that would influence the man. If she is a tease then she will get propositioned. If she is a cold hearted bitch, she will get the door slammed in her face. If she is the same as every other chick than she will just be a friend. The tables have turned, no longer is a guy expected to manipulate the relationship to his own desperate ends to get laid, he controls the relationship by relinquishing the ability to impress the women of the world.

Just face it, within 30 seconds of a girl meeting a guy she has formed an impression that will get you into her bed or not. Thatís it, 30 seconds and she knows what she wants to do with you, or what she doesnít want to do with you. This ability to make snap decisions comes from many factors. There are primarily first impressions which will usually override all other influences depending upon how great of a first impression you give (clothes, introduction, smell, smile, hair color, body build, etc. all go into this impression. Itís a 30 second size up and there isnít anything you can do to change that impression by speaking). Other factors include her baggage of religion, past experiences, family history/pressure, libido, peer pressure, etc. Lets face it guys, we are always ready for sex and they know that!!! Most women are not always ready for sex, so we should just be honest and let them know how we feel about after they have impressed, or not impressed us.

Men, pick your balls out of your panties and take back some of the dignity of being a man. There is such thing as bad pussy (and Iím not just talking STDs) and you should avoid it because there are more women on this earth than men, which puts us at the advantage!!!

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