Katie's New Found Passion  

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12/30/2006 8:45 pm

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Katie's New Found Passion

She walked into the crowded little hole in the wall bar on a Saturday night. It was a dark and dismal place on any weekday, but they sported a DJ on the weekend and drew in quite the crowd and it seemed to take on a life of it's own. Every bar stool was taken, as were most every table in the back where the DJ and the dance floor was. There were many names on the little chalkboard by the pool table as people took turns playing the last winner. She could hear endless chatter and laughing just below the decibels of the music blaring through the speakers, as she made her way through the pack to find a place to sit. There was one small high table with 2 stools at the edge of the dance floor. She sat down and ordered a glass of blackberry wine and lit a cigarette.

As she gazed across the dance floor, perusing the patrons, she noticed a woman bent over the pool table making a shot. The woman was dressed in a short red leather skirt and was wearing black lace thigh high stockings with a garter belt which peeked out beneath it as she leaned to take her shot. Her round behind and creamy white thighs filled every bit of that skirt and Katie couldn't take her eyes off the woman.

Katie herself had always found other women beautiful but none had ever captured her attention like this woman did. Her mind wandered as she sipped her wine and kept a close eye on the movements of this stunning creature she wanted to devour. As the woman stood up and turned slightly toward her, Katie couldn't help but notice the perky nipples protruding through the expensive black satin camisole she was wearing. And as her eyes ran up and down the woman's body, she began to fantasize about touching her and kissing her and smelling her sweet perfume and tasting her from head to toe.

Just then the woman noticed Katie staring at her. She raised her eyebrow, giving Katie a "come hither" look as she giggled under a devilish little smile. Katie's heart began to race. Her face became warm and slightly crimson as she began to blush. Her mind began to flash with lustful thoughts and passion, intermingled with questions of how to proceed. Was this for real? Was the hot little minx actually flirting with her? What would it actually feel like to touch and be touched by such a beauty?

Then she noticed the woman walking slowly towards her. Katie nervously gulped a bit of her wine and lit another cigarette while her eyes stayed transfixed on the swaying of the curvy hips and gorgeous legs moving swankily to her table and finally nestling themselves onto the high backed stool beside her. As the woman sat and crossed her legs, she leaned over the table and softly and sultrily said, " Hi. I am Gwen. May I buy you another glass of wine?" Meanwhile, she let her shoe drop to the floor and slid her foot slowly up the inside of Katie's calf.

Shivers darted up Katie's spine and her own nipples hardened and began to show themselves through her sheer crape blouse. She could feel a dull aching rising in her loins and her lace panties started to feel moist. She let out a small moan and said nervously, "Hi Gwen, I am Katie. I am so glad you decided to join me." Then reached down and softly stroked Gwen's foot with the tips of her perfectly french manicured nails, moving them slowly and precisely up her leg, finally resting the hand briefly on her thigh.

Both women were in awe at how utterly attracted each was to the other. Neither one cared that any number of people could see the small gestures they were making toward one another. In fact, the mere thought, made it all that more exciting. How far could they actually go in a room full of people? Who would dare to notice them? How many cock's would rise and swell in the trousers of the male patrons? How many other women would secretly watch them and find their own panties dampening as they anticipated what would ultimately happen between the two on display?

Feeling Katie's hand resting on her thigh, Gwen clasped it and moved it further up her thigh, while slowly uncrossing her legs and parting them just enough to tuck Katie's fingers underneath her skirt. Katie scooted her stool closer to Gwen's and took full advantage of the opportunity to touch the panties she imagined were as wet as her own were becoming. As she slid her hand slowly into the small crevice between Gwen's now quivering legs, she could feel the heat emitting from the juicy mound she had been invited to explore. At the point where Katie's fingers reached her anticipated goal, she suddenly realized that Gwen was quite pantiless and that she was free to rub and tickle and probe the smooth succulent flower before her. As she parted the swollen little mound in search of Gwen's throbbing joy button, she retrieved some of the moisture from an area closer to Gwen's now dripping little honey hole, making her middle finger slippery enough to glide easily back upward and make circular motions repeatedly and at different pressures on Gwen's hungry clitoris. When she felt Gwen wiggle and scoot more forward on the bar stool, she quickly darted her finger into the soaking wet cavern of juice before her, all the while using her thumb to continue the expertly induced clit tickling she had started moments before. Gwen could hardly contain herself from screaming loudly across the room of the pleasure being bestowed upon her under the table. She moaned quietly and rocked her hips to the beat of the music, trying desperately to hold off the impending explosion about to erupt beneath her. As Katie continued her manipulation, the desire to taste this wild minx was increasing like that of a hungry wolf about to devour a prized kill. She leaned forward and whispered to Gwen to go to the powder room. Gwen too leaned forward, clearly flushed, with her breathing quickened and stole a taste from Katie's lips. Katie then release her hold on Gwen's honey pot and they both rose from the stools and headed toward the door that dawned the sign "LADIES".....

To Be Continued ......

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12/30/2006 11:22 pm

Oh what a fabulous Bed time read honey
Thats warmed me up and made my orchid blossom

Looking forward for the continuation


Happy New Year

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1/2/2007 12:07 pm

Wonderful and descriptive writing! Looking forward to the next segment. Amanda xoxoxo

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