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5/30/2006 6:58 am

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once in a life time you will find the perfect love .. its wild, crazy , pationet, its what your heart has been longing for ,for soo long .. it sets your soul free.. you lose track of yourself in eachothers arms .. just like the wind its untamed strong & wild at times & soft & gental at others.. it seems nothing can stand in the way of your desires for eachother .. then one day , wind stops .. theres no strong gusts of wind theres not even a gental breeze theres no love ... & like that they blow out of you life forever ..

squezemetight 35M
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5/30/2006 8:40 am

very beautifully expressed. but the wind will blow thru your hair and your heart will flutter. your heart aches deep inside your soul, but the gentle hands of love will heal your deep wound. don't feel like your alone, when your friends will always be by your side.

rm_horney633 54M

6/2/2006 5:40 am

It happened to me once. Met someone. Never felt that way about anyone before or sence. I'm married & couldn't leave home so I pushed her away before she hated me. I know it hurts, feel lost. Just remember your friends are here to help weather it's to listen, give advice, or take you out for a night on the town. It does get better just takes a long time.

rockerboy66 51M

6/7/2006 7:21 am

Well....all I can say is that any guy who would let you slip through his fingers must be an idiot....or gay....the jury's still out on that one, lol.
You will find someone who is "for real" im sure. Sometimes it just takes time.

flyingdragon56 41M
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10/8/2006 12:04 am

Filly, who ever it was that did this to you has to be a complete idiot, and related to my ex girlfriend, cause when i read what you wrote i had to re read it i thought you were talking about what happened to me! it sounds exactly the same. i feel for ya girl, it sucks, but rocker is right we'll all find someone who is for real, it will just take time

rm_Want2cusex 49M/51F
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10/15/2006 3:58 pm

Man been there and agree with you - sounds like the story of my own life!

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