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7/21/2006 6:18 am

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Tyre Kickers abound!......Grifting Pikeys!

That's Koln for you......

A potentially exciting first attempt planned for this week ended in catastrophic disappointment. Having met our first 'friend' at a very nice establishment in the centre of town, it became quite clear that she wasn't just there for conversation, amusement and erotic exercise! Here are just a couple of things that came out of her mouth......

"Can I have one of your cigarettes? I want to save mine".

"Do you think this bowl of bar snacks will fit in my handbag?"

You get the picture.

Having ordered herself more than enough glasses of wine against our tab running at the bar, we decided it best that we put her in a cab to make sure she got home safely. Unbelievably, we received a phone call a few hours later, complaining that the money we gave the cab driver was a few Euro short.............

Things can only get better - we hope!!!

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