rich merchant; poor merchant  

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2/13/2006 11:29 pm

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rich merchant; poor merchant

i've been thinking of parables:

a poor man lives across the road from a rich water merchant.
the poor man wants and needs water, so he decides to buy his water from the rich water merchant.
he walks across the road to see the rich merchant.
"i need water."
the rich merchant considers the poor merchant.
"all right. you must bring me two rubies."
the poor merchant laughs.
"i do not have two rubies."
the rich merchant shakes his head.
"no rubies, no water."
the poor merchant lowers his head.
he raises it again, hopeful.
"what if i work for you?"
the rich merchant considers this.

the poor merchant works for the rich merchant for many days.
he earns enough money to pay for the water.
the rich merchant pours the poor merchant a cup of water.
the poor merchant accepts the cup.
the water leaks from the cup through tiny holes.
the poor merchant attempts to carry the water to his home and family across the road.

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