Rhythm and Architecture  

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3/2/2006 11:52 pm

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Rhythm and Architecture

as i write this i'm watching BARAKA, my favorite movie.
while watching it, i'm reminded of my two favorite forms of art, music and architecture.
the movie encompasses both, in the same auditory and visual way that i see life.
in my humble opinion, there are many forms of architecture: musical; visual; physical; mental; spiritual; emotional.
all of these are represented in the movie.
all of these encompass my life.
to see the movie is to delve into my mind.
maybe that's why i find the movie so calming.
it's balanced.
it teaches without lecturing.
it leaves you to make your own decisions.
it leaves you to formulate your own opinions.
it leaves you to build your own architectural form by giving the materials to work with.
it's deep and it's wide and it's small and it's tall, all at the same time.

i like rhythm, because i started as a rhythm guitar player and bass player.
from there i found rhythm in all of life's offerings, be it music or visual elements such as the patterns of coloured leaves on the ground, or the rows of bricks in a building, or the sound of a stone caught in a car tire.
it's always there.
and so is architecture, structure really.
to look at the amazing buildings around us is to look into their creator's mind.
what is the story behind the building?
who is its creator?
what is their story?
to look at everyday people is the same, they are an architecture onto themselves.
they have created themselves from a myriad of different, diverse sources.
look at anyone, and focus on them for just a brief moment.
what makes them up?
who was their creator?
what is their story?
i'm sure when you think about these three elements, that person become more than just a somebody, they become a someone, a miracle of architectural design.

i'm rebuilding my life as you read this and BARAKA, as a movie, is a good foundation and reference to remind me from where to start.
it's interesting how a synchronistic event such as picking my favorite movie can be the foundation for and the beginning of a brand new structure of life, new music to be played, and a new architecture to be made.
it is a complex network that we are a part of, an architecture in itself, and one i'm proud to be a part of.
it's like music and architecture which just keeps on moving and changing.

i thank all of you for the rythmic architecture.


3/16/2006 9:15 pm

The rythm of everything........yes!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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