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"i have a dream...." -- M.L.K.
my dream gets me up in the morning.
it gives me energy during the day.
it gives me something to get other people excited about.
there's not a day that goes by that i am not working towards it.
there's not a day that goes by that i am not thinking about it.
there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't call me on it.
my dream, my true dream, consumes me and i love it.
it is my goal in life and my life's goal all in one.
it is where i see the world going.
it is where i see people going.
i know it's lofty and it's grand and it's impossible, but as j.r. holmes states:
"never tell anyone that something can't be done. [the gods] may have waited centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to to that very thing."

My dream?

What I want to do is build an educational centre for healthy living alternatives and sustainability here in Canada. This includes teaching people how to build self-sufficient homes which require little or no outside utilities in order to function. I want the houses to be more beautiful than those that already exist and I want to simplify and formalize the building methods and techniques.

The buildings on the site will be powered by solar cells, heated and cooled using packed earth, strawbale and timberframe building techniques. Every income level will be represented in the various building techniques, from poverty level to high end power mongrels. I want to be able to educate government workers from countries that have suffered a natural disaster and need to create homes from virtually nothing to the office executive looking for a unique home that is both functional, practical, healthy and beautiful. The waste water will be recycled into grey water, feeding planters both inside and outside the buildings, and sewage will be leeched back down into the earth as fertilizer for the organic gardens.

Everything the houses will consist of will be made out of recycled materials. I intend to approach all the major fixture manufacturers to get most of their products for free in exchange for advertising and a direct marketing link to their local distributor and website.

I will have an organic farm on the property which will grow 70% of the food needed to sustain the farm. This will include grains, vegetables, chickens, pigs and bees. All excess farmland will be leased out to the local community to grow their own. All excess in the form of crops or meat will be sold at a market I will build using the building techniques described above. On top of all that, we'll bake breads, make soaps and create a restaurant to feed the people coming to visit the bed and breakfast, which will be built using, well, you get the picture.

There will be holistic practitioners onsite to demonstrate and practice their various techniques. A doula, dietician, massage therapist, accupuncturist, reflexologist, accupressurist, physical therapist, yoga instructors, etc. These folks will again service the surrounding community.

There will also be a major artist's centre built using strawbale and timberframe which will house painters, sculpters, designers, metal smiths, woodworkers, soap makers, film makers, multimedia and classrooms for the local school children to come visit and try their hand at whatever we have to offer.

There will be an animal hotel which will house the pets of people going on vacation or a leave of absence. We will also take in strays and other abandoned animals. We'll hire a vet to look after all the animals and we'll have a seniors centre, a youth and women's shelter onsite and close by so all of them can interact with all the animals.

I will have demonstrations of the various building techniques taking place constantly and consistently. These classes will be all age classes specifically modified for those audience types. There will be sustainability neighborhoods set up, so people can see the future of what neighborhoods will look like for all of our children. There will be community garden parks set up in the middle of a cluster of homes surrounding it. All the homes will have access to the garden parks through their back yards. The garden parks can be used for growing your own produce or to be maintained as a mini-park meeting place. Backyards will remain private and quite large and housing will be moved curbside to take advantage of the solar energy.

The complex and it's educational possibilities will be marketed internationally to benefit all income levels and tastes. Guests will stay in a bed and breakfast and can experience the site first hand and hands-on.

The various levels of government (I haven't decided yet) will provide grants for almost all of the funding I require. I am in the process of finding out if I can get a small business loan and start this thing right away.

This is a twenty-year long research, tourism and sustainability project that I know will be the key to future building and healthy living. How do I know? I used to work for the government and they are forecasting major changes in the way we live life and our expectations for the future. I feel that I'm getting on the biggest wave that has ever been ridden. I haven't heard of anyone else doing this successfully except in Costa Rica and that's why I've chosen for the project. I would love to start a bunch of these projects in other countries around the world, but I have to think small right now and stick to one until I become well-versed in how to combine the efforts of many talented individuals and get the first one running better that what's been attempted previously. I already have many people excited by the project and it's possibilities and I cannot wait to get started rolling on my dream.

everyday i ask myself:
what have i done today to fulfill my dream?
what small thing have i learned or done to accomplish my life's goal?

what am i doing right now to make my dream a reality?

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3/3/2006 12:42 am

sounds cool. wish we could build houses like that for all the poor people here instead of the total shite they have the audacity to call a house...

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