The Battle of Passion  

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1/14/2006 4:16 pm

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The Battle of Passion

The reign of reason falls on the thirteenth of Friday

The time has come
With the showing of the sun
Long restless night
To see the heart isn't right

It shouldn't be easy to walk away
But it's so much harder to stay
As you release my hand
I only say I understand

As I ask myself why
Trying not to cry
If only you had told me
Then we might still be

Brought together by one dance
Torn apart by a second chance
With every heartbeat
My heart begins its retreat

Even heavens rain
Can’t ease the pain

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When on you time will be tough
You hope that showing up is enough

On this day a day of superstition
You make an important decision
Satisfying my fears
And wiping away my tears

Traveling miles of seventy-four
You walk thru my door
Putting your arms around me
Confirms where you want to be

As you weather a past thunder storm
I’ll keep your heart protected and warm
Knowing you endure the trauma
Guarding us from the drama

Stronger than we've ever been at our fingertips
There isn’t anything that our love can't fix
Always know you can turn to me
To escape the battles with thee

Only one thing left to say
As our day ends and you walk away
From my heart to yours it’s true
“I Love You”

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