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Another Place, Another Time - Writing Challanges

I can't write a short story to save my hide, well, maybe to save my hide it it was a requirement for... say a writing course or the like. See, there's an incentive to write short stories for such things because of the amount of paper involved... 20 copies of say a 30-page short story and at 10 cents a sheet it can add up really quick.

See there's a fine art to short stories, namely keeping them short, yet full of detail.

As for myself, I have a problem in creating large arcing stories, exploring the reasoning within my character's minds, and making plots hopefully that are interesting.

Example: Just for the fun of it I wanted to create an erotic story where the lead character is a female Cassanova having her fun and manipulations by bed-hopping, all parties quite enjoying it as well. Of course I had to create her foils, a man who is a hedonist and another man who truly loves her, and then it sort of exploded from there... especially when I started to view the story as being something of a long adventure along the lines of say "Baron Munchausen." In short, odd things happen to her and it all is a link connecting to link, and so on. She's caught by pirates, sold into slavery, put into a harem, meets horse-riding "barbarians," runs into a dragon who's really a human transformed and controlled by a wizard who's wanting to protect his little patch of land from a witch who's his ex-wife, who has a princess for an apprentice who comes to find her widower father is in coma and half dead and the regent's having fits running the kingdom.

See, it's gotten huge! Although I have a good idea of what the ending will be, and a rough idea of the beginning, it's all growing through the middle like an adolescent in the middle of a spirit with no signs of slowing down.

I've even been entertaining a bit, a short story, erotica, set in a particular sci-fi setting, for the fun of it, but of course I'm already analyzing it to death. It would be considered "fan-fiction," a genre in which people create original works of fiction in settings and worlds (and sometimes even characters) that someone has already either written of, or it's been made into a movie. A great example of this would be stuff written in the "Lord of the Rings" setting, and heavens only knows how many Legolas stories are running about out there.

So, I'd be showing my colors as a Star Wars geek, though the character I'd be working with would be completely original. The problem with working in such settings is I worry that someone's going to come back and say "but that's not accurate," or something of the like. Mind you, the story would be taking place in a backwater bit of the galaxy not seen of in the movies, and with a group of characters not seen in the movies either. Namely it would be between a female character who specializes in weapons modifications, and a group of specialized clone troopers between movies 2 and 3 of the sextet.

Sad thing about it, the more I think on it the less it's about erotica and the more it's about character development, with a bit of erotica squeezed into it.

So that's all the news that isn't.

hey-bratender 63M

5/9/2006 2:52 pm

..nice story........but in all honesty I can not say that I found it the least bit erotic, though I enjoyed reading it. /8 Your photo VERY erotic!!!!!!!! And I really enjoy looking at it. It makes me horny like you wouldn't believe. ...\8

ExplicitWoman 47F
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5/9/2006 11:21 pm

See that's the thing, by nature I don't head directly for the erotic as that all of my mainstays have been plot or character driven stories. Any sort of intimacy and whatnot are byblows that keep the story going.

It's also rather telling that I'm story-driven or character driven when I don't bother mentioning how many times the "Lady Casanova" is having sex.

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