All of this Can Be Yours, Just Give Me What I Want and No One Gets Hurt  

ExplicitWoman 47F
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5/16/2006 12:25 am

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5/16/2006 8:22 pm

All of this Can Be Yours, Just Give Me What I Want and No One Gets Hurt

So here's the conundrum. What is a blog? A diary? A way to show off one's life, thoughts, photos, et cetera to the world? It's difficult not to think of it from a writer's point of view as the equivalent to a performance. Here am I placing words to the screen and someone else will be reading them. Here is this blog up on AdultFriendFinder where everything is far more sexual in nature. It's difficult not to think of this as some place where I need to produce, and produce at high quality at that.

One cannot please all of the people all of the time. Which means that no everyone is going to be happy with what I write.

Already in the recesses of my mind I can hear my more seasoned writing compatriots laughing goodnaturedly as I finally say, "Okay, you all were right, we should be writing for ourselves and not for others. Correction, I should be writing for myself and not others." Those who enjoy the stuff will find it, those who don't will move on.

I'm not quite sure what to write, though. At least on a daily if not semi-daily basis. I co-write with one friend of mine, but we're five chapters in, and due to the size alone I'm not going to post it here. Besides, it's in rough draft, so it's crap.

I was thinking of attempting hour long daily writing exercises and see what comes of it. It'll keep me out of trouble to a certain extent.

I mean, aside from my writings, I'm rather shy and hesitant about posting any of my life onto the internet, but writing is important to me, as is my health.

By the by, I start Thursday morning working out with a personal trainer. My wedding's coming up in the autumn with the honeymoon at a science-fiction/fantasy convention the following weekend. I'd like to look human for both, and feel a lot better about myself as well. It would be great if I looked great (not neccessarily slim) if only because I know that I'll put off that aura...the aura of a life well-lived... and gods, but wouldn't that just eat at my ex-husband if he dared to show himself there. Let me put it to you this way, last I heard he was dating only 18-year-olds because they were too young to know any better. This is a man who's gotten banned from coffeehouses.

It's 2 a.m., I should be in bed and my mind's gone spastic over all the things I should also be doing besides goofing off. If anything, I have some interesting things to let my mind play over as I pull out my vibrator and probably dildos as well: the idea of either making love with another woman, feeling her breasts, suckling her nipples, fingering her clitoris as she does the same to me, or being a bit of the dominatrix in some fashion or other and telling someone else what to do, when they can cum and when they cannot.

hey-bratender 63M

5/16/2006 1:55 am

What a beautiful, your beautiful breasts and a dildo!!!!!!! I just love the concept of pleasuring a partner with her favorite toy, while exploring the area with my toungue. Taking it real slow so she can enjoy a few really intense orgasms. Saving my erection for last..........hmmmmmmm.......would this be considered generous or selfish I wonder???
Your wedding sounds like its going to be "out of this world" so to speak!! I hope your ex does indeed show up for your wedding, and he eats his heart out.......
As usual I really enjoyed your post, and if I have to rate it( damn......this is a tough-one.....) ALRIGHT........... \8 \8 \8 \8 ...\8 mostly because of the visual of you making love to another woman.
And of course because you have such a beautiful set of succulent tits!!

AGNJoe1 48M

5/16/2006 3:42 pm

Well, I do have to agree with my fellow colleage hey-bratender. Of course, I personally would LOVE the idea of placing my rock hard cock in between your breasts, and providing you with a lovely pearl necklace while I rub your clitoris with my thumb and fingers until we both cum. Now that...would be cool.


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