The silent triumph  

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The silent triumph

The phone had rang.. And she heard him with his harsh voice.. The voice that used to command!
He was her husband, telling her that he is on his way to her.. Coming back from the battle field for four hours, then he will be back..
She did not know what she will do with him in these four hours..
No.. She knows exactly what she is going to do.. She will greet him, take off his filthy clothes, bend down to take off his heavy boots, usher him into the bath, and serve him the food..All the plates that he loves.. After the food she will lay her head against his chest and let him play with her hair.. He loves her hair.. Does she have much time to go to the beauty Saloon? No.. She will just comb her hair.. Then she will listen to his stories.. Thw stories of the grenades and bullets that missed him.. While she is thinking about the ones that could have hit him! And before he completes his stories she will hear him saying as he always did with his loud laugh that tickles her nerves: 'I will take you with me to the battle field, i will not leave you here.. In place of bringing nurses there, every solider should bring his wife along.. and she will be a nurse.. and maybe more that a nurse.. What do you think?'
And before she could even see what she thinks he will bend over and kiss her his harsh kiss, that kiss that she never gets enough from.. Then she will give him her all.. She will be so generous to.. And he, he will give her all what he have been saving for her while he was away..
Yes.. She knows exactly what she is going to do during these four hours..
But, she does not know what she is feeling..
How can the human being control his feelings for four hours.. How can one manage to pretend that he is happy for four hours?
She is feeling as if the doctor said to her: This is an injection that will bring life into your body, but after four hours, you will be dead again!
should she be happy because he came.. or should she be happy bacause he will come back??
should she feel his presence.. or his absence...
should she feel hungry .. or full .. Having it all.. or nothing.. shall she cry or laugh!
The door bell rang..
That must be him..
she went to open the door.. she stood at the door before openning it for a moment.. she placed a smile on her lips.. Then she opened it.. without locking eyes with him, she hugged him and rested her little head on his chest..
She heard his harsh laugh.. felt his lips on her face.. she looked at him, then she looked away. In that moment when she looked at him, she saw his vacant eyes, and his full lips..she saw his white hairs on his forehead, as if they reflect his white heart..she saw his masculinty.. she saw it all.. but she remained silent..
He got into the house looking at the walls and the furniture as if he was kissing them with his eyes.. she beside him.. in silence.. she felt that she was so lost in her silence.. she felt stupid.
What she has to do is to endure this stupidity.. to remove that stuipd smile.. she tried.. sufferd.. but she could not..
she took off his clothes, bend down to take off his boots, sat with him on the dinning table.. All that, and she is talking with the pretended smile.. He finished eating, laid on the couch, and she dropped between his arms.. His fingers started drowning into her hair.. Strange, she is not feeling him.. Her body is not trembling as it was whenever she was between his arms.. the thoughts of him going back has possesed her..
He started to tell his stories..
His stories did not go on for long.. He fell silent.. his fingers stopped playing with her hairs..
He felt asleep..
He felt asleep as if he never did before..
She smiled while she was looking at his closed eyes.. then she coverd him with a blanket, sat on the chair next to him, looking at him .. as if she was looking as a very valuable thing that she was going to donate soon.. donate it to more valueable people than him..
she will wake him up after two hours..
two hours passed, he is still asleep.. well, he is tired, he has to sleep..
she left him to sleep for 10 more minutes.. She went to prepare his clothes and socks and shoes..
At last, she was supposed to wake him up.. tenderly she shaked his arms while she is putting on her faked smile..
He opened his eyes..
but he didnt even look at her..
He looked at his watch before looking at her!

I'll complete it 2morrow gotta go

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hi you sound as nice girl wanna be my friend ...mischievouslover

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