What dream is this.................................  

Eviloutlaw1 56M
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9/2/2006 10:16 am

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5/13/2007 12:49 pm

What dream is this.................................

I have a recurring dream..that progresses..I know strange...and it's in color no less.

For starters I woke up at four am this morning, not something too make my weekend to say the least, as I prefer to sleep in. Anywho, after playing on line for a bit and getting my freak on..or should that be getting my freak off, I went back to bed.

The dream started innocently enough..me visiting ex relatives I don't have, that is to say in my alternate dream existence I'm in a new town, doing things with new friends, and living a what seems to be a normal life all of which seems very real to me as I'm dreaming.

So I'm visiting these "new" relatives and the purpose of my visit is to return a set of car keys to an ex wife..here it gets a little fuzzy..in my dream the ex wife is a different woman then my "real" ex wife, but she looks the same? go figure that out ( probably my dream gods way of keeping me unawares of what she really looks like, the new ex wife that is) Ok as I arrive, I walk into the house and the family her relatives are all sitting around the dining room table, and i'm told that she is downstairs doing laundry and will be up when she's done changing over the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Cool I'm thinking, while I wait I engage in conversation with her grandmother (doesn't look like the real ex's grandmother) While I'm waiting I glance into the living room. Nice place I think to myself..big, expensive looking. I notice on the mantle over a fireplace a huge crucifix, done totally in Jade no less..and it's life sized. At this point I'm lead out of the house by the grandmother and her cat to her car, a caddy, two toned and had seen better days. I remark to grand-ma that it looked nice, and I bet it must have been hot in it's day. Thinking I meant the cat she replies that yes it was,but cats get old and there was nothing anyone could do about that. We get in to go out for ice cream..following that same highway I've been down in all the dreams that lead up to this one. Seeing the ice cream place to my astonishment Grand ma does a one eighty into the parking lot doing what appears to be ninety, coming to a full circle stop in a parking place. At that point I notice that grand ma has by passed the ice cream parlor and pulled in behind it to what appears to be a truck stop.
A guy walks up, and from his uniform I know he works at the stop, asks grand ma if it's the usual and she says yes..gets out her side and he starts helping her take her dress off....She say's to me I need a shower first and then we can have some fun.......I'm thinking OK..this is weird, I've been with grandmothers before..but this woman doesn't do it for me, just not my type as this is running through my head..she says "hey!, get real guy I'm just pulling your leg" Nude now, she tells me she'll be right back.... That's when I woke up. Thinking to myself
this has got to be the strangest of these dreams yet.......Not so.......I must have fell back asleep cause the next thing I knew I was explaining the dream to some friends..the new friends I haven't met yet that live in this new town where I've been living this alternate life in my dreams, so I'm explaining it to them and when I get to the part where grand ma is getting her dress pulled over her head by the truck stop attendant, I realize dude..your in a dream telling dream people about a dream you just had...and wake up. I think I need to see a shrink.

rich693841 53M/54F

9/3/2006 6:19 am

well evil, we are going to have to keep your mind off of those dreams and have you dreaming about us. they are more of a reality and we could could have it so you are half asleep and half awake so you can experience the relm of of the dream world where you can control it more making it a real dream to remember. keep in touch and we can keep it real. love ya rich and wife.

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