Strange dreams...........................  

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6/24/2006 9:37 pm

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Strange dreams...........................

I usually don't remember dreams, but I recently had two that sorta stuck in my head. Actually, it was the same dream,the second one was sort of a continuation of the first. Don't really recall how the dream started, but I was driving my van someplace, and was lost, well more than lost I was out of my element I didn't know where I was or how to get back to where I started from. Strange thing was it's not like I was just lost..more like I couldn't remember how to get I'd lost the ability to think my way out of the situation. In the dream I pulled over on to an off ramp, got out of my van and started to walk to try and find some clue as to where I was..a road sign, or someone who could tell me where I was and how I could get home. Walking along the hi-way or maybe it was just the main drag of a major city I came across a strip mall. The mall itself was odd.. old..sorta junky..broken windows on the stores, seedy neighborhood, most of the shops closed. I wandered into the first open place I found, the place it turned out was a place that sold mixed junk, asorted antques, and cast offs you'd normally expect to find in a run down section of a city. The woman at the cash register caught my attention as I walked in the door..she was cute...the type I usually go for, but her hair was the wrong color..well it seemed like it was the wrong should have been lighter..more red hi-lites. I roamed around the shop for a bit..trying to remember if I'd ever been in the place or if I could remember how I could get home from there..when I bumped into one of those revolving clothes racks, and a large sized snow mobile suit fell off. Trying to rehang the suit it got caught on my shoe and I couldn't get it back in place, another woman came out of the back and both she and the cashier were stareing at me, when the new woman said "can we help you?" I don't know why I did it..but I ran.. I just ran out, the suit still attached to my shoe somehow. They caught me in the alley in back of the store, accused me of trying to steal the suit, I pointed out to them both that the suit was way to large for me, it was the middle of summer and I wasn't trying to steal it. They could have it back all I wanted was to get home..the dream sorta faded after that I woke up at six am and played around this morning, doing my normal routine. Took a shower, had some breakfast, did a little cleaning and then settled in to watch some how to shows on PBS..guess I must have fallen asleep again around one thirty, the dream started again..with me walking out of the alley, feeling more lost than before, only this time I couldn't remember where I left my van at, or how to get back to it either. Next thing I knew I was unpacking boxes in a new apartment in that same city, unpacking stuff that I'd never seen before, but somehow it belonged to me, like I had owned it all my adult life, but I knew I'd never seen any of it before. The apartment was least four bedrooms, I thought to myself why do I have a place so big for only me?
That's when the cashier from the junk store came in the room, asked if I'd found what I was looking for or not? I said no..I'm still missing something..then the kids came in..yelling and having fun as kids do, knocking into boxes.. being excited about being in a new place. The cashier asked again if I found what I was looking for? I never got to answer, as it was then I woke up to the science program Nova playing on the TV.
Since then I've had the strange feeling I'm missing something, or that there's something urgent I need to do. I don't know..maybe I'm loosing my mind, early stages of oldtimers?
I don't know what the dreams ment, if anything? But i had to write them down, just doing so I feel a little better. So if you sat all through this post, thanks for reading, and if you have any clues as to WTF i was dreaming about please feel free to let me know...

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6/26/2006 8:29 pm

Thanks for the visit, and I have no clue what this all means. Maybe it means you want to get married and have kids.

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