Silver or gold????????????????????????????????  

Eviloutlaw1 56M
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7/9/2006 9:06 pm

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7/10/2006 4:49 pm

Silver or gold????????????????????????????????

What are you? Being on this site for a while, it suddenly struck me..that you don't see many silver or gold female members? Least not in my neck of the woods. Seems most of them are stands, like me now...was gold, then went to silver, now just a standard. But back to my point, there are many women who I'd love to get in contact with, but most like I said are standards..makes me a bit leery, you never know when one of them could turn out to be a bot. Bot's gotta eat as well, and I don't begrudge them their trade. But seriously come on now..that hot lady who suddenly pops up in your area that seems to be the perfect I said makes one a bit leery as to if they are real or not? I don't know, just makes me wonder if there are any real women out there at all sometimes. Not like I'm asking for the moon here..just someone reasonably sane and still has all of her motor skills. Anywho.....I think I'll go watch some TV..Maybe I'll get lucky and find a good movie on?
Later Peeps!

thexperimental 65M
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7/9/2006 9:49 pm

I fully agree with you and endorse your experience...

bustybettyboop 51F  
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7/9/2006 9:57 pm

lol..i doubt that because a woman is a standard member that it makes her a bot! i'm a standard and i know i'm not a bot! i know other women on here that r standard also! i'm sure there r some on here that r bots and standard members but not all of us..ok hon! hugz,busty

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InfiniteDiest 48M

7/9/2006 11:09 pm

It is disheartening that most women are standard mambers and that some of them are bots.

To bustybettyboop: I think you misunderstand what is being stated here, by eviloutlaw1. The issue is how to identify a real woman that is a standard member and aviod the bots. Silver and gold members, I have found, are never bots. Which makes sense as most organizations do not want to add the expense of any type of full membership to thier business models....especially if they cannot be written off come tax time.

but this is a common problem on this site.... and will probally remain as such. All members can do is identify suspect profile to the administrationa and let the AdultFriendFinder police deal with them.

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