Ever wonder..........................  

Eviloutlaw1 56M
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6/5/2006 6:04 pm
Ever wonder..........................

Just what makes a postal worker go postal? I did, but some days at work I can understand why they do. Now where I work we have all kinds of people. Men,and women of all colors and creeds. The education of the employees runs from your basic high school graduate, to those with masters degrees. For the life of me I can't understand how any of them got out of kintergarden.
A few years back there was a book published, All you ever needed to know you learned in kintergarden. I'm thinking of picking up several hundred copies and leaving them in the break rooms.
Now common sense would tell you that, if theres a wet paint sign hanging on a wall, then the wall has just been painted. No..not for those I work with. A wet paint sign means touch it..see if it's dry yet. Oh yes...if the toilet's plugged in the restroom, don't notify maintenance...stuff another big wad of T.P. in it and flush it a couple more times to see if it'll go down..yeah that's the ticket. Afetr washing your hands in the restroom...make sure you take thirty feet of paper towels, use only a foot of them and be sure to toss the rest on the floor. Ladies..contrary to popular belief, tampons and maxi pads are not flushable, and that special box hanging on the stall wall is not for your used chewing gum. Oh and gents..we all like to read on the john..it's the american way..but when your done...take the paper with you, no one wants to have to pick something up off the floor that's been on your nakid lap. Oh, and the urinals, lets step up guys..the girlfriend or the wife may say that you have a monster beteen your legs, but in all actuality your no bigger than average.
Ok..I guess I'm done ranting..but I do have one last item to convey to both sexes..Flush....Flush....Flush!

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