Another Day.  

Evie_Smith 32F
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7/6/2006 8:03 pm

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2/3/2007 8:52 pm

Another Day.

Well, it was a long day at work today. But then again, when isn't it a long day. I can't wait to get out of this crappy job. Only two more months, I know that I can do it. I suppose though, once I leave that job I am no better ahead. In the fall I have to complete an internship for a degree that I don't even want anymore. Only one more year. I can't wait to be done school. And, to make matters worse at the moment, I am horny and single. There are no two worse words that could fall in the same sentence together. Just another thing to deal with I suppose. Well, that's all for me. Off to masturbate.

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/6/2006 8:52 pm

Welcome to the blogs! Hope you'll stop by mine and say hi once in awhile. It's awful to be stuck in a job that you hate. What is your major in school? Is there anyway to change it to something you like better?

rm_smosmof2 68M
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7/6/2006 10:04 pm

If you no longer want that degree, change now! Don't lock yourself now into something you'll hate.... You're still young enough to fix it, even if you hate school (boy can I sympathize with that!).

Figure out what you want (if you can) and do that. Don't take the wrong road now.. backtracking is time consuming...

WaterBabyRocks 59M

7/6/2006 10:04 pm

Hello Evie What are you majoring in?

rm_Mandrake_M 62M

7/6/2006 11:07 pm

Welcome to the blogs, Evie. I decided to delete mine for a while.
I'm sure you'll have a great time here.

DottyScarfPanda 68M  
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8/16/2008 6:51 am

Off to masturbate? You and me both! I do it as often as I can!

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