Various Mails, with various tales, from various Males...  

EveAndSteve 48M/45F
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6/24/2006 9:49 am

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3/5/2007 3:06 am

Various Mails, with various tales, from various Males...

We seem to be getting more and more mail lately. I'm not here to complain about that, I'd rather like to share with you a few short stories about the plight of (most) single Males...

One "couple" writes to express their interest, and the profile and pics are all about him. Not much of a mention of the two of them. We responded and in return received a photo of "His" significant other. After we complimented the photo, we get a mail about how the "girl" is "out of town", but that she allows him to play without her, and he would be happy to play with us...alone...

Another "couple" writes and the precursor is that "She" will be out of town for two weeks, but maybe we could get together with "Him" for lunch or dinner, and the "Four" of us could get together when "She" is back in town in two weeks time...

A Single male writes from across the country, stating "He" would like to get to know us, "Either of Us", as much as possible, and anything we would be willing to share would be great...(for Him)...

Yet another Single male writes from a nearby area. Although he is clearly not within our "Cupid Preferences", He writes a detailed mail about having the desire to play with a couple for a long time, but that no couples have been interested. He also mentions his willingness to contribute "whatever might be needed" for the "three" of us to share a hopefully enjoyable experience... Although the mail seemed very genuine, we would much rather be involved with couples or single females.

Lastly (for the sake of this post) a Single male writes us and reminds us that there are no photos in our album labeled "Threesome Action!", and if we needed help with filling that album, he would be happy to oblige! (I found this funny in a good way, and genuine, as he took the time to peek around, and write something witty rather than the typical "I'd like to hook up with you two this weekend!"

The plight of the Single male rears its (sometimes) ugly head. I wish the Single guys out there would just say so. It may very well be true that the "Guys" that wrote saying their "Ladies" were out of town, were actually out of town. I travel on occasion for business, and Eve may be "home alone" too, so i isn't that far fetched. What makes it seem too unreal is the rare mention of their significant other, and the willingness to play with no contact of the "female" counterpart whatsoever. Eve and I discussed what we would think if we actually agreed to meet another couple, and suddenly the "Female" was unavailable. We agreed that it would be highly unlikely for us to meet a Male counterpart of a couple without the female present unless we had met them together initially. If the "Female" is ok with her Man playing while she isn't present, she shouldn't have a problem saying that, from her own mouth, with her own words (meaning, not a quick email or a voicemail that is so vague "She" could be talking about playing golf!) Our likelihood to meet is still minimal, however, we are open and honest people, and we don't want to be in the company of others that misrepresent themselves.

The last email that I mentioned was the best. Straight and to the point, and Eve was already intrigued as She was the one who sent this Guy an invite to our network. No comments about "doing her right" (if you can do it, then do it, don't talk about it, be about it!) No comments about "partners being away, but it's ok to play", with us it's not ok, unless both partners say so, and we have heard it from both of them. Just a note saying, if you need a hand, let me know. Definitely the honest approach works best for us.

Enough with the rant...I have to go check our mail...

Have a great weekend Everyone!

Steve (of EveAndSteve)

libgemOH 57M/53F

6/24/2006 11:09 am

Have to admit, I do like the offer to help you with that album too. Ballsy but very creative!! We also get those letters from people trying to be decietful to get their foot in the door and it does get old. The best ones I see represent themselves as single ladies only to find out that they are looking for a lady to join them and their SO....Thanks but no thanks! -B

TnWitchyWoman 57F
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6/24/2006 12:30 pm

I just don't get people. Have they not figured out yet that if you're honest in who you are and what you think you want then you stand a much better chance of finding someone that is looking for EXACTLY you and into the same things as you!? I'd rather take a guy that *sorta* fit my desires but was honest about their differences than one that sounded perfect and had lied. *shrugs* I wish you the best in your search!

rm_kichimichi 37M/41F
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10/31/2006 7:08 pm

Well the guys certianly do have it tough out there in AdultFriendFinder land, and of course with so many of them there it's the ones who are the most obnoxious that you are mostly going to hear from, the threesome sex spammers, I don't know how many messages we've gotten that could have been to anybody, but then with their odds at getting shot down it's hard to criticize them for adjusting to the process, reducing the work load to increase volume and all, of course that doesnt make us any more likely to respond or accept the penis pic soliciters, but hey I have more sympathy than disgust for the single guys. To the cheaters and the liars well yes, I hate them too.


EveAndSteve 48M/45F
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2/8/2007 4:05 am

I wanted to bring this post back after 6 months and see if anyone had any new experiences to add...

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