Our Couple Experience! Part 2  

EveAndSteve 49M/45F
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6/15/2006 4:56 pm

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Our Couple Experience! Part 2

So we had decided to go to a club with them the next weekend. We also decided to get a hotel room and split the costs to avoid the hassles of coming back to our place. We also hoped that by being in a hotel room, they would not be able to constantly leave the room.

We talked to them all week and the plans were set. They assured us that they had worked through all their issues and were ready to play. When we met at the hotel room, I pulled the female to the side and asked her if they had any rules or restrictions. She assured me that they had none and that they were excited to play.

So we went to the club in one car. We had already discussed the possibility of meeting other couples and all agreed that if we found someone to play with, we would do so. We also agreed that if someone wanted to leave, we all would leave.

The club was a bit disappointing. The facilities were nice but there were not a lot of couples. They had a Luau theme and half the people were actually dressed for the theme. There was a pool table room which seemed closed off to the rest of the club. We went in to play a game and realized that they were having a Limbo contest. By the time we got out to the dance floor, it was over. It was hard to believe that we missed the contest especially since the pool table room was right next to the dance floor!

We decided to find a room to play in and once we got started, the female left (which meant he had to leave also). Steve and I were left alone so we decided to continue to play until they got back. They never came back. We later found them in the smoking room and they told us that they were on their way back to the room. They left to go dance or something and we decided that we were done with the club. The club was already winding down so we went to go find them. They were talking to a few couples and we told them we were ready to leave.

We got dressed and waited for them but they still continued to socialize. We told them that we were going to wait in the car in hopes to get them to leave with us, but it didn't phase them. So we waited in the car. I couldn't help but think that if the tables were turned, I would be more understanding to them and leave if they asked. About 10 minutes later they emerged from the club and we went back to the hotel.

We hung out for a little while. We are 420 friendly but we didn't know that they were into more. Steve had mentioned tasting something odd in the female's mouth and I began to taste the same thing in the male. We later found out that it was speed.

We started playing and again, the female left the room. This time, the male did not stop. He fucked me while Steve watched. When he was done, he joined his girl in the bathroom.

Steve and I could hear them arguing and we decided that we would not play with them again. When they finally came out of the bathroom, the annouced that they would not be playing with us anymore and that they felt more comfortable sleeping on the floor than sleeping on the king size bed. Steve and I had hoped that they would just leave and go home.

Steve and I relaxed on the bed and they finally decided that it would be OK to share the bed with us. The minute they jumped into bed, they started fucking. Steve and I got busy also but we were looking forward to going home.

The next morning, Steve asked about their half of the room (he had already asked about it 4 or 5 times before) and was brushed off. We finally got them to admit that they did not have the cash but needed to go to an ATM. They insisted on going to breakfast, so Steve and I decided to meet them there and directed them to the nearest ATM.

We expected to never see them again. To our surprise, they showed up! They gave us some story about the ATM not working and insisted on writing a check. We had no choice but to accept it. The check bounced the first time but went through the second.

We were so soured by the this whole situtation that we decided never to have any contact with them again.

Eve =]

rm_Luvtwosee 64M/60F
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6/15/2006 5:42 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. It helped to put our "bad" experiences into perspective. I'm certain you two will find couples that you actually do "click" with and enjoy. We have discovered all different kinds of people in this lifestyle for all different kinds of reasons. We think it helps to spend some time "out of the sack" first ... but that is just our preference. Happy exploration!!!

EveAndSteve 49M/45F
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6/15/2006 9:01 pm

Eve writes an excellent recap of our weekend outing. I (Steve) like most males, want to "take care of business" (financial stuff and otherwise), before we get down to the "real business" (enjoying others intimately, with both of us present). The room that we found was great (we could have got an even better rate by booking online a week in advance, but we went with the moment, and felt that the cost was minimal, and it was even better that we had agreed to split the cost between the two couples). Trying not to get too caught up in the finances, and to enjoy the evening more, I decided not to address the situation very agressively, as I wanted the four of us to enjoy the evening, and not have it be all about splitting the cost of the room. Sometimes you see those signals, clues, hints... I did my best to put that out of my mind because its' not like we got the honeymoon suite...ultimately it was all about the trust, honesty, and communication. We learned more and more as the night went on, and the way we initially felt began to turn. As Eve's first poll states, we wondered how other couples would feel if they were in a situation with another couple that referred to themselves as "newbies" when it came to the lifestyle. When we took our first try in the lifestyle, the people that we met were both agressive and subdued, but it was easy for us to tell that the couples that we did meet were ready for (inter)action, and were not exactly prepared to talk and walk us through our first experiences. Perhaps that is why nothing really became of us being involved in the lifestyle the first go round, who knows. We (Eve and decided that we would be there for them as we wish another couple was there for us when we took our first go round. Hindsight was even more present as our evening transpired with this experience. Eve covered a lot of our story in her post, so I won't repeat all of that with my perspective, because She and I are both on the same page, and I couldn't have recapped the evening any better than she did. What I took away from the experience was confirming, and I choose to learn from it rather than to duplicate the encounter again and again, whether with the same couple, or other couples with similar "issues". Our profile clearly states that we are a FULL SWAP couple. I can't really think of a better way to emphasize this. If we were looking for single males, we would put that in our profile. If we were looking for another couple that the other female only has sex with her partner, we would put that in our profile and cupid settings as well. The night had interaction with both couples, but no sex between the female of the other couple and myself. This would have been easy to swallow if we had known this in advance, but the fact that we had conversed several times with the other couple on the phone as well as in person and were informed that there were no limitations or restrictions on our FOURplay, we wanted to full swap, and in my opinion had our expectations justified by the responses of the other couple. To be quite honest, I enjoy watching Eve being pleased, and watching her please others. As She has mentioned, in our previous encounters in the lifestyle, we were not as connected as we are now. I can watch Eve with others, just as She can watch me with others, and completely enjoy ourselves. The only limitation that I can think of that we have is that we MUST be in the same room with each other, preferably close enough to touch one another (perhaps a gentle way of saying, ..."It's ok Baby, let yourself go, We love each other and this is about the experience we are having...TOGETHER", or at a stretch, being in the same room, so we can see each other and learn about each other, ourselves, and our playmates. When Eve began to get "closer" with the other male, I was into that. I even leaned over and whispered into her ear..."Enjoy yourself Baby, let yourself go...", my way of showing my approval of the encounter, and hoping that she would enjoy herself go knowing that I was cool with it. What happened next left me underwhelmed. The female of the other couple was aware that her man was about to do Eve. She became more engrossed in giving me a blowjob. I was very into it, however it became crystal clear that the other female was trying to get the thought of her man doing Eve out of her mind by concentrating on blowing me and not what was happening on the rest of the bed. I wanted to watch Eve with this new man, and I asked the other female if she wanted to watch the show... She promptly sat up and said she [Ithought] she was ready for that interaction to take place, but admitted that she underestimated the effect that it had on her. She left the bed and went into the bathroom. Being open to the experience, I didn't want to tap Eve on the shoulder and tell her to stop enjoying herself, I made the assumption that the other man would stop and focus on his relationship with the other female. You know what they say about assumptions. He didn't disengage, he didn't even blink! He went for his, all the while, his woman sat within earshot saying how she was NOT ready for the encounter. As a gentleman, I didn't approach her agressively, nor did I join in for a threesome with Eve and the other man. That wasn't what we had planned for the evening. Eve is an excellent lover, and I knew that she wouldn't let me lay my head to rest without taking care of me, so I chose not to steal her experience from her. After all, the other woman's man didn't even get up to tend to his own woman, but ultimately that is their (his) decision, not up to Eve and I. As Eve stated, the other couple was ok with same room sex with our own partners, but of course he would have been ok with that after he had been with Eve. We had some of our own action while they discussed things, showered, and such, but then went to sleep for the evening. The next morning seemed like a song and dance to have them chip in for the room that we all shared (as agreed) for the entire evening and morning. We agreed to have breakfast with them, because sometimes these insecurities rear their heads only when you are IN the situation versus when you are talking about it. More issues about splitting the room, and having to go to an ATM. Got to breakfast and when they arrived, it was the "My ATM card isn't working" line..."Can you take a check?" At that point I was pretty turned off, and asked point blank, "Is this check going to clear?" I was assured that it would, but sure enough, when I went to the bank to cash it the next day it didn't. As Eve mentioned, the check did clear the following day, but at this point, it was all about trust, and honesty. Damn, tell us that you're a little overextended, and is it ok to postdate the check, whatever, just be honest. That combined with the misrepresentation of being a full swap couple, and knowing that they were doing drugs during the encounter left a bad taste in both (Eve and of our mouths...(Did I mention we could taste that stuff on their kisses, and it tasted toxic). After breakfast (lunchtime), Eve and I went to watch a movie, and then decided to relax before the week started. We had plenty of time to analyze the entire situation. We hope that the couples that we meet in the future are sure about themselves, their interaction with others, and most of all, certain about their own relationship, because the thing that made me feel the worst, is that her man wasn't phased that she wasn't ready for him to have sex with another woman. I'm sure he has smoothed things over with her, and thats fine, that is between them. I just know that Eve and I are on the same page when we know that we don't want to revisit that encounter, or encounters that might be similar to it for the rest of our lifestyle experiences.

Steve (of EveAndSteve)

SensuousWoman3 56F
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6/15/2006 10:39 pm

I am not a swinger, but all the same, I have to say both of your encounters with this couple sound like a near nightmare. I imagine one of the greatest challenges of determining whether or not to engage in play with a couple who are new to swinging is whether or not their marriage is secure, whether they are both on the same page with respect to equally wanting to engage in swinging, and where they each score on the green-eye-monster-o’meter.

I am sorry, I don’t mean to laugh---but to exit the bathroom and declare they were going to sleep on the floor! LOL! My thought would be, “Okay, then….I guess that just means all the more room for us!” Like what were you going to do? Lean over and bite them in the middle of the night? Give them cooties? Sleeping on the floor can be a pretty rough way to go. No wonder they finally came to their senses!

I admire you, Steve, for trying not to make money the big issue of the evening. However, it is shameful that these folks avoided all your prior attempts to address the hotel fees up front. Like you said, if they were in a bit of a crunch---schedule the meet 2-4 weeks down the road---when one has had an opportunity to budget for it, or just be up front about it.

You both sound like nice, secure, considerate people. Surely there are more people you are more suited to in your future. Good luck!


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