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6/22/2006 6:14 am

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6/22/2006 1:24 pm


Hi! Steve made some interesting points in his blog and some things things he said may come across pretty harsh. (Maybe, LOL )

Basically, we want to play and would like to meet like minded couples.

But if a couple just wants to meet and be friends only, we are completely fine with that. Just as long as we all are on the same page before we meet. If we are going to just be friends, we can make plans on a different weekend.

We hate to get into a situation where we are expecting to play and don't. Our free weekends for play are limited so we want to make sure that we get a chance to play when we can.

Steve and I have decided to be in the lifestyle as an enhancement to our relationship. We don't want the lifestyle to "take over" our lives, so we decided to meet couples a few times a month and not every weekend. (Besides, we do have families and usually have plans with them most weekends)

So basically, be honest with us. If you are ready to play upon meeting (if we all click of course), tell us. If you need us to "date" you a few times before play, let us know. We just want to know where you are at so we know what to expect upon meeting!


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