Ass Training Lesson One  

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4/11/2006 6:22 am

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Ass Training Lesson One

I have seen quite a few postings debating about the best way to train a virgin ass. I thought I would help my favorite AdultFriendFinder members who are curious about anal sex with my experience training and preparing a trainee's ass. I hope this will be of some use to whoever needs it.

When it comes to anal sex, the mental state has the most part to do with the readiness and experience of it, more than the physical one. When the mind is relaxed through trust and comfort, the muscles follow suit to allow for the enjoyment of the experience with slow progressive training. Penetration with the penis may or may not take place on the first or second day, and varies on a case by case basis, some asses are more welcumming and adaptable than others.

My personal preference is to always start with giving my trainee a long slow sensationally erotic massage.

Typical ass training usually starts with teasing and rubbing around the ass, and slightly touching it with feather-like sensation, and watching how it reacts: Defensively or invitingly?

If invitingly, with lubrication, only the tip of one finger is used for stimulation, with progressive insertion, sometimes aided by the use of small size chineese beads, the foreplay continues till it can very comfortably handle 2 fingers or a mid-size dildo. Very often, if relaxed, the buttom partner may not even feel the difference when the foreplay moved from one finger to two. When 2 fingers are successfully inserted with plenty of lub, slow motion is of the essence. Try to turn the fingers inside as if if you are winding a manual clock. I let you, the ass-trainee, imagine the sensation that creates for you. Please, refrain from finger pushing or stroking, not yet. Next, while both fingers are still inside, slowly part your fingers from each other as if you are making a V. Make those small V's ( I did not say WIDE V's)feel like a dick pumping and flexing its muscles inside. After that (this may be the same day or a couple attempts later, and the word later is relative), an attempt with the tip of a third finger is made (not all 3 fingers flat, but make a pyramid of the 3 fingers). Upon success, then the ass-trainee is ready to be teased with the head of the penis. You might need to exercise some self control her if you can by not getting too excited with your stiff baseball bat. Try to reamin half hard if you can, this helps with the trainee's comfort that she will wil not get rammed all of a sudden. Plus the half-hard dick provides her with different sensation when rubbed up and down between her cheeks along her ass. (It tells her: I am not hard enough to hurt your ass even if I slide it in). With enough lub, take the mushroom head of the penis (still half hard) and gently work it in till it slide in, and stop there, just leaving it there motionless (no thrusting or wiggling) the only motion allowed is the pomping of blood into the penis for her to feel the head expanding her ass and opening her up (remember the little finger V's?), and this sensation makes her react with kiggles and ass squeezes around the penis. Before you know it, the trainee will start wiggling her booty to get a bit more of the hard dick at a time. The burden on you, the trainer, is to stay still. Let the trainee now do her own ass training to her comfort level. Your job is to keep that lub tube handy. Keep your mind off the lubrication responsibility and the game is over as soon as she feels a little bit of dryness.

If the doggy position starts getting hard to bear for any of you, resuming the training while lying on your sides with the trainee's back to the trainer is another option where the trainee feels comfortable and trusting and relaxed.

Before you know it, you'll be ass fucking like beasts; Dayum I like the sound of that.

I find this to be working more quickly and efficiently, and pleasing for the ones I trained than seeing them walk with a plug in the butt. Who in the world thought of such a thing? For me, if your partner wants your ass trained, he/she should do it the right way by putting the effort into training it themselves or heck hire me to do it LOL. (Sorry, I don't take monetary compensation, I do it for the pleasure of it)

I hope some of this helps both some trainers and trainees. And hey, if all fails, I am here to either conduct the training myself if you need me, or provide coaching. I am only a wink or a note away.

Happy anal pleasures to you fellow lustful members.

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