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4/27/2005 5:28 pm

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Is it wrong that the best sex I've ever had was with a young woman who was everything I didn't want in a person? *lol* She was a hot, tiny little thing but she was shallow and flighty and used me mostly for my money. But in the bedroom it was as if our bodies couldn't get enough. I'll admit it... we used the hell out of each other. Our sessions would last for hours, and would usually end with both of us in a heap covered in fluid and the bed in a very bad condition.

Things didn't last long though... outside of the bedroom I couldn't stand her. Which makes me think that sexual compatibility, while important, will not make up for a relationship that lacks. That unless two people connect on many levels, the sex will not keep things going. Hedonistic experience, while fun, is ultimatly shallow. It lacks. If only the physical is fed, than the mental, emotional and spiritual will become malnourished.

Which is why I prefer to be compatible with my partners on more than one level... which unfortunatly is not very popular with the swinging crowd. Many of the people I've met have been looking only to use me (and other people) to get their rocks off. Their sex is narcissistic. Is this what people really want?

If it is, than that's fine. I hold no judgements. But I've come to prefer my friends and partners to be a little more than human vibrators. *lol* I think we run a risk of dehumanizing those we experience when we do it for selfish reasons. They become objects instead of human beings. And i've become very fond of embracing the full sensual experience of what is human. Kinda makes you think about your motives and perceptions, doesn't it? I know it makes me think twice...

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