reality really BITES!  

Eros40 54F
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6/21/2006 8:40 am
reality really BITES!

So, have had to be in the "real" world for only a few days, and I'm telling you, we are NOT seeing eye to eye right now! Where to begin..... lets start with the printing co. After a "minor" dispute over a 300% price increase... the printer for my calendar was sent to the curb, alice!! He just can't understand why I'd have issue with that??? hmmmmm...... Now, the job is out for bids..... talk about some printers being REAL proud of their work.... hey, I can understand we all have a biz to run, want to make enough to pay the bills, etc. But 600% over eveyone else??? Don't ya' think you might want to re-evaluate that?? I have got to be missing something in all of this.... It's a fucking calendar for crying out loud...the "work" is done. Drop it, and print damn difficult is this???!!! Someone please educate me, here.......The printing quotes I'm getting are absolutely outrageous...... is there a hidden cost here I'm flat not seeing??? UUUGGGGHHHHH!!! I'm not in the "crunch zone" yet..... still have some time, but this has been frustrating as the point I'm grinding my teeth into nubs as I sleep!! geez.... no, I'm not asking "what next".....I KNOW better!!! Okay, I'm done venting for the moment..... seriously....anyone know about the printing biz, please enlighten me as I have just got to be missing a point here, as I sure as hell do not understand these astronomical bids I'm getting back! Other than that..... preparing to shoot cover of the 08', so at least there is a "pleasant" in all of this.... I can at least enjoy the view, if nothing else!!! Okay, have to run for now....I do hope all have a great week............E.

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