looking up......  

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6/26/2006 7:34 pm

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looking up......

Well, it's only Monday, but what a crazy week already!! It started about Friday- worked the entire weekend, so my weekend just went 'poof'! For starters, finally found a printer for the calendar!! YYIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! Contracts are signed, and disc went out today. Want to talk about a boat-load of mixed emotions..... where to start? Relief being the first. I have a printer, calendar is actually becoming a calendar. Throw in a bit of fear....what if the disc gets lost in transit? Is it screwed up? Did I miss something? Will the bar codes open up in file so they can print (they have been quite the challenge). Excitement..... self explanatory there. Spoke to bluknight52 this eve.... he knows I'm gonna cry when I see that first one! Over two years of work plastered across 7- 11x17 inch pages! Hard to imagine. I'm still not picturing it yet, but I'm sure it will come. Also spoke to watcher148 today.... nice to know I have supporters rooting for the underdog over here!!! Same goes for all the support from T3, firedad58, putsitout, and ero56. All I know to say right now is: Thank you. Just a very humble "thank you". I think I'll just end it there for now....... everyone have a wonderful week..............E.

p.s.- the shot is from the back page of the calendar........E.

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