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7/22/2006 12:18 pm

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count down to elephant camp

well, the countdown to elephant camp is on! I leave next sunday, so have been doing a lot of packing. Will be gone for 5 weeks, and looking forward to the break! (believe it or not!) Will be shooting up LOTS of pictures, as that's the entire point of this trip. I'll be volunteering my time for care, etc..but ultimately, it will allow me to get some great shots of african/asian elephants in a more "natural" environment. They roam on several hundred acres. I am just toooooooooo excited about this....have been waiting 8 months for this opportunity. Why? I do a lot of animal photography. One trip I'd love to take is to the Serengeti and shoot (photos only!!) elephants in the wild. To do this, I want to learn their habits, instincts, etc. Learn how to read them (behaviorally) in order to not only shoot safely, but disturb them as little as possible. I'm learning to play by their rules when in their yard! (so to speak) I've also done a bit of time with large cats with the same premise in mind. So, will be blogging from elephant camp, but it won't be as consistent as what I've tried to maintain while at home (weekly at least). So, for those that follow my blog fairly consistently, I apreciate you dropping by. Truly, I do! Will be a bit scarce over the next couple weeks till I get settled in. And, not sure my wireless on the laptop will work, so that's an unknown entity! Take care and will be dropping in when I can..............much love to all..........E.

p.s.- calendar shipment is IN!! Packaging begins on Thursday!! So, things are moving along.....yes, working my ass off around elephants is a real break compared to the work that's been done with these calendars just to get them to this point!!..........big sigh........E.

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7/24/2006 8:09 am

Elephant camp is a sanctuary for retired/abused/neglected african and asian elephants down in Arkansas.... it's called Riddle Elephant and wildlife refuge. I've been wiating for this for 8 months....I am soooooooooo excited to be going!! I'll be cautious NOT to become elephant "toe jam"!!! hahhah!..............E.


7/24/2006 4:52 am

Hi. Just discovered your blog. Love the no-BS attitude here and in your profile.
Your elephant camp trip sounds incredible..where is it? Like your concern about the ability to shoot them in their habitat with the least disturbance possible..don't see that kind of consideration often.
Look forward to your reports from camp.
Good luck, but be safe.

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