chocolate and the law.......  

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6/5/2006 11:23 pm
chocolate and the law.......

so, have been in bed for 2 days with the flu...finally beginning to come back to life, and whom should I be thinking of? Watcher148. This blog will tie together several love of older men, my love of chocolate, my love of lingering sex, and my love of life in general. As many of you may know by now, I do have a deep "passion" for chocolate. Especially dark. I have said several times before about my bottle of Herhseys with a name attached to it. hee-hee! (no chocolate binge goes unpunished, let me tell ya'!) Anyway, as from my previous blog, watcher148 and I were "caught" doing nothing funny in his office by the janitorial crew. I'm still giggling over that one, btw!. What I haven't delved into is what I would LIKE to do to him! So, here it is.....feel free to add any commentary you may please. Lets start off with watcher148 in general..... tall (about 6'1"-- keep in mind I'm not even 5'!), slender build, muscular.... great butt, I might add....these talons enjoyed getting a hand hold! He has salt-n-pepper hair, and a great smile. He has hair on his chest (already I'm in heaven!! I LOVE body hair!!)- not enough to be mistaken for a gorrila, but plenty to run my fingers through. So, my bottle of hersheys...... imagine if you will: the syrup has been refrigerated, so it is cold. He is splayed out on his back. He KNOWS this stuff is cold as he watched me pull it from the fridge. Now, add a blindfold. I want anticipation to drive him crazy! The first drop of chocolate hits his skin. followed by a second, and then a third. I stop and let it warm to his skin just a bit before the tip of my tongue finds it, just barely licking it off. Then my full mouth finds the remainder of the chocolate path.... must not leave a sticky residue. I will continue this pattern. A few drops of chocolate followed by my tongue and my mouth. If he's a good boy, I'll let him lick some of the chocolate off my lips. I am willing to share. Now, I drizzle the chocolate over his member.... it reacts to the cold, but not for long as my lips and tongue are quick to I do enjoy my chocolate binges.......I will play with my "self made sundae" for as long as allowed..... I want to toy with him. Bring him just right to the edge, then back him off again. Play with his skin....his nipples (which are VERY sensitive, btw! YUM!!) run my talons over his skin.... sometimes very gently, other times just raking across his skin, trenching a red path as they go. As for my mouth? Trust me, it's keeping quite busy! The tip of my tongue toying with him. Slowly taking all of him in. then slowly back out. My teeth finding that crook in his leg where the thigh meets the groin....sinking into his flesh. Playing him like a fine concerto......all the while, he is not allowed to touch me. He must wait. Lay back and just take it. Allow me to have my way with him. I want to explore every inch of him not only with my hands, but with my mouth, and my eyes. His time will come, but for now..... its MY time to play. MY time to explore his skin, his reactions..... to learn to read him. And most of all, to just take my sweet ass time...... after all, it's not the destination, but the journey........... hmmmmm...... sweet dreams everyone...................E.

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