EnslavemeEnchayn 58F
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9/30/2005 4:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


So, since you all seem to know what my turn-ons are in a certain respect... or if you would like to know more of what they are - here's where you can ask me - but I'd like to know what you would have me do for you if you had me as a toy to use... don't hold back - I'm interested in what makes you guys hot...

rm_sampsonhmc 54M

10/1/2005 6:46 pm

you would have to dress properly,a collar is a must,leather,see through material and not much of it.
i would like to have you on your knees,hands bound,you would have
to please me with only your mouth. if you do it well then i will please you if i feel like it. if not you will have to bring my lash with your teeth and beg me to punish you for you poor skills.

EnslavemeEnchayn 58F
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10/2/2005 2:51 am

perhaps you should read my testimonials lol.. I am certain you would not EVER be disapointed with my oral talents and as far as I'm concerned if you bind my hands you are binding two of your most important tools.. .I feel that's what they are - binding need only be used for holding a position - especially one that is hard to hold for a long period of time such as ankles held so that they are above the shoulders if on my back - I do not believe in being anything but ON my knees for the one I find... it's where I should be for them to make me do their will and when not in use should be assuming the position of my knees on floor ass in air, and shoulders on floor as well... viewable, but in waiting.... And I do not NEED a man to use oral on me at ALL... I much perfer to maturbate for them while they watch me when they are done using me elsewhere and have given me permission.

sinners_swing3 45M/54F

10/3/2005 9:04 am

We're always keeping an eye out for a 3rd to elevate our sex play and your turn ons have certainly made our mouths water. We're both voyeurs at heart and frankly, the sight of another woman using my husband for her sexual pleasure is nothing short of orgasmic. We'd like very much to play with you. I'm sure nirvana could be reached for all parties involved..

rm_Coolhand_007 58M
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8/8/2010 7:30 am

Well,don't mind if i do say,i would love very much to have you be my oral buddy for me to likes you to sits upon my face,grin your pretty ass all over me,with my eager tongues lashing in and out of you,as you push and grins your sexy ass on my face and mouth,,or to bend over for me to sniffs away your hot sexy natural scents,licks away with such desires,sucks every-inch from yours[both sexy fronts n wow,tight rear ends]long,till you moans out and cums heavily for me to swallows and still begs for more from you..and then would i ride you furiously from your rear,in either your luscious pussy,or wow,irresistible asshole,upon your comforts and pleasures to have me in you, and till i reach the points of no returns and then pulls out to shoots my sticky messy loads all over your wow,round ass..letting you feels the warmness and to see it drips down from your wow,tight butt..even as it slides between them cracks..mmmmmh!..wow,im horny n awakes just imagining this thou'..lol..So any more of my fantasy and cravings upon what else orals i love to preforms on you,would love to upon your emails if you like to hear me then..

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