The Cabin - Arrival  

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The Cabin - Arrival

(size 3)I sit watching as she eats, those slender fingers holding her cutlery, head slightly bowed over her plate as she uses them so deftly to slice her food. I smile at her even though she’s not watching me, cant help it, it’s what she makes me do by just being with her. Watch as she raises her head sees me smiling and stops with her forkful already raised to return my smile, then slips the portion into that cute mouth of hers chew’s so delicately, swallows. I watch as her throat moves, longing to kiss it, then she says

“baby stop watching me like that ,your look is so hot everyone in here will know what your thinking and I sure do, so quit and eat up your food before it totally gets cold.”

I look down at my plate, cant imagine eating a forkful of it so just move it about aimlessly. I have no appetite, well no appetite for food. All my body seems tense and on fire for her. Stomach curled in a knot hoping that finally this will be the day, the time, when after talking from afar and apart for so long we finally close these last few feet and join as one.

It all seems good so far, she was there waiting for me at the airport, looking incredible with a smile on her face when she saw me come through those doors that would have melted an icebergs heart. God the hug and kiss was magnificent and I felt her relax in my arms as the worry of how I would react to her when we finally actually met started to melt away. The talk of how was the trip, the standing back and looking at each, huge grins at each other. The trip through the crowds till we met the blistering heat outside, fumbling for sunglasses damn I so didn’t want her to cover up those incredible eyes but there was little choice in that glare. Her linking her arm in mine as she guided me to the right stop for her car park, sitting quietly on the airport courtesy bus as it rode us out to the car, knees touching demurely but oh damn to actually feel her leg press against mine. Trying to subtly adjust myself as my body reacted even to that small touch, few words, so many people around but taking her hand in mine, holding it, squeezing it lightly talking with looks and smiles not words.

Loading the bags in the trunk, damn laughing when I stupidly walked round to the drivers side not yet used to being back in the US. Settling myself in the passenger seat, belt on, door closed finally alone cocooned in our private metal space. Turning to each other leaning in hugging again, damn belt, kissing, hugging not sure what to say what to talk about adjusting to each other’s presence in the here and now. Finally letting her go wanting to keep touching her, some small contact but watching as she turned the ignition, set the car air con, choosing a radio station, drinking in every move, every expression every second of this.

As we drove she talked about the motel she had booked us into upstate. A quiet place she said with great countryside around, stuff the countryside, its her I want to be around nothing else. Watching as she deftly manoeuvres her way through the busy traffic, confidence and surety in how she handled the wheel. Slid my eyes down to watch those sexy legs push on the gas and brake pedals, laughing when she finally swore at the others drivers till the road traffic decreased and we got out of the buildings and onto the smaller highways. I struggled with conversation, could just manage inane comments about how great it was to be there and damn it was hot and how great she looked, just wanted to tell her how I was reacting but frightened to, frightened in case she hadn’t responded the same way even though all the signals were she had, but I knew from experience I am so bad at reading those signals and so hoping I wasn’t getting it wrong this time.

Eventually she pulled off the highway onto a smaller road and into the parking lot of a restaurant. She said she knew I must be hungry as air plane food so bad and been travelling so long so thought we would stop here. The motel didn’t have a restaurant of it’s own just small cabins in the woods where the occupants fared for themselves.

We went in, she had reserved a quiet table in a side booth, as we were escorted to the table I watched her cute ass sway and almost groaned out loud but managed to hold it in. Damn now I had to sit opposite her and try to eat, I needed a drink yes but food yuck. Knees almost touched under the table, wriggled a bit forward so they actually did, let go my breath when she didn’t move them away. Was handed this poster sized menu and had to hold it with both hands and block my view of her. This was torture.

As she was driving all she wanted was a soda with ice, felt awkward ordering a Margarita but hadn’t had one in ages , well a decent one they are crap at making them in the UK. Finally ordering, not even remembering what I asked for or recognising it now in front of me. I just ached for her.

After a few more forkfuls she put her cutlery down. Looked at me and said

“You don’t have much appetite either huh?”
“Nope, to be honest cant stomach a thing” I replied finally with relief putting down my own knife and fork.
“Well she says smiling” god I loved that drawl “maybe this was not such a good idea after all. Want to finish that drink and get out of here?”

I lifted my glass to my throat and swallowed the remains in one huge gulp.

“Now that baby” I said smiling “is a wonderful idea”

I called the waiter over and asked for the check, I assured him, no the food wasn’t bad just our appetites and no, we did not want take out bags, just the check please. He went off in a huff most probably worried he wasn’t going to get his tip. The wait seemed like hours but I am sure it was only a few minutes. I filled the gap by reaching over for her hand. Raising it to my lips and softly one by one kissing each finger tip before turning it over and kissing it’s palm. Then just held it and gently stroked my thumb over it’s back as my fingers rested in hers.

“Mmmmmm” she said “Wow baby, I am so glad the motels just up the road from here as otherwise I think your going to explode!! Laughing, smiling, I know I wasn’t getting these signals wrong. Thank the gods wherever and whoever they are.

The waiter came with the check, I paid and left a very generous tip I just didn’t care, just wanted to get out. She slid from her side of the booth and I waited till she was past to follow her out between the tables. Again my eyes glued to her, stumbling over a ladies pocket book left on the floor and almost falling on her mumbling an apology but really wanting to say how stupid she was for leaving it there in my way making me look a right ass. No time for a scene now.

Back in the car, belts on, ignition on. She reaches over softly places a hand on my thigh and we kiss.

“It’s ok” she says again “it’s just a few miles up the road and you’ll love it I am sure”

Damn am I wrong or is she as breathless as I am? The lights fading now and with it some of the heat of the day but it’s still hot. To dark for sunglasses though so I keep trying to catch a look into those eyes as she uses the mirror. I cant resist and reach over and start to lightly massage the shoulder and side of neck facing me, fingers soft on her bare shoulder and across the straps of her top.

“Mmmmmm, baby” she says “but please baby don’t do that, please don’t distract me want to keep this car on the road and that is way way to distracting.” takes my hand in hers and takes it off her shoulders putting back onto my thigh with a light squeeze to let me know she hadn’t minded the touch just the distraction.

I looked out the side window and watched the tree’s go past. We were on some back roads now into some pretty deep woodland, trying to control the shaking of my body, the anticipation, the worry it was going to be as good as we hoped. The hopes. The fears.

A sign comes up and she swings the car into a dirt drive. Goes past the reception sign and takes another track to the left where a log cabin stands amongst the trees.

“I didn’t mention it as I know what your like but I booked in and paid for this on the way down baby. I already put my bags in and I think your going to love it here.”

she tells me as she pulls up to one side of the cabin. We get out and all we can hear are the sounds of the falling dusk, the insects playing mandolins to call for their sweethearts. A few birds fly past, a cardinal with it’s flash of red, a dove.

I grab my bag from the trunk and follow her to the door. Damn the tension, the excitement, I know she feels it too. We are almost breathless. Taking a key from her pocket book she slides it in the lock and opens the door wide, standing to one side and inviting me to step in.

“No you first, baby”

“No way, I want you to walk in and see it. I’ll be right behind you don’t worry sweetie”

I walk through the door and sweep my eyes across the room. On one side was an emperor sized bed, wooden framed with deep quilts and mattress’s on it. It faced the side of the cabin I hadn’t seen as we pulled in. It was almost completely glass with doors in the middle through which I could see led out to a deck and what looked like a big hot tub to one side. Next to the bed were a couple of rough wooden side tables with a dresser with a mirror on it to one side. Opposite me was another door, half closed but looked like it led to a bathroom and beside that but along a bit a third door which was open and seemed to lead into a small kitchen area. She walked past me smiling as I stood there taking it all in, the lamps, the furniture, even the real fire which I guess they would need in the winter. I dropped my bag turned to my lady wrapped my arms around her lifting her off her feet and kissing her.

“Baby it is incredible just like you are.”

She kisses me back, mmmm god what lips, those lips combined with those eyes and the feel of her body tight to mine sending a searchlight of desire flaming down into my soul. She wraps her arms around my neck as she kisses me back. Our mouths both opening in echo of each others, reflecting our hunger and want for each other. She pulls my face hard onto hers and slides her tongue deep into my mouth mixing and melding with mine as it struggles with hers, both wanting the other so needy, so passionate.

Letting my head go she pulls her lips from mine. Both of us breathing heavily, looking straight into the core of each other through the windows of our eyes. Both certain, knowing what we see there, confirming, sure, safety, concern for the other, love.

She taps me on the shoulder and say’s

“Mm darling put me down I need to breath and want to show you around.” with a breathless laugh and husky tone added to her accent.

I reluctantly place her on her own feet and unwrap my hands from her. She takes my hand in hers and leads me over to the glass doors. Look she says reaching for a round switch. She turns it and the glass silvers out, turning the whole wall into one huge mirror reflecting us hand in hand and the huge bed behind us.

“Come and see this” again leading me by the hand, I follow in a daze with her, so happy so content but still oh god still so needing her.

She takes me to the bathroom pushes open the door wide. Inside there is a really big Jacuzzi big enough for six let alone two, a huge open shower area with power nozzles from foot to way above head height, my head height not hers. A door led off to a closed in water closet to the other side with a hand basin and warm towel rails on it’s outer wall facing the Jacuzzi. It was all tiled and clean and sparkling with chromed fittings and mirrors wherever they could fit interspersed, with wall mounted candle holders, already fitted with what looked like scented candles and deep verve rant green potted plants to break up the shine and the tiling. It was amazing.

“Wow baby this place is out of this world, just like you” I said my gaze flicking from feature to feature, seeing her face lit with a huge smile of pleasure at my obvious amazement, seeing it reflected and the rest of her next to me in the mirrors.

“You want to freshen up at all baby?” she says huskily.
I was hot and sticky from the flight and travel but didn’t want to let her go for a second.

“No baby”…… I said when I got my breath back “cant drag myself away from you.”

She just laughed, god I loved that laugh ,it sent waves of pleasure coursing through me. I loved she was so happy, like me. Loved how she had surprised me with this place which for the next few days was our space. Our time.

“Well I think you do and I’m not going anywhere but here, so you go ahead. I have a few things to do myself”

She walks into the main cabin room and calls out asking where my wash bag was. I go back into the room and join her, picking up my bag.

I drop my wash bag trying to grab her but she dances out of reach and tells me to go wash up. I turn my head to follow her as I walk toward the bathroom, watching her watch me and smiling, and then laughing as I miss the door and walk right into the wall.

“Ouch that hurt”

“No it didn’t darling, now don’t be a baby”

was all the sympathy I got and to be honest it hadn’t hurt, was playing for the sympathy vote and failing.

I headed over to the shower area and looked at the controls making sure I knew what did what. I had been caught out with these things before. I was looking forward to a shower as I really felt like I needed one. I quickly stripped off and turned the jets to power and set the heat, slipping my hand in to make sure the temp was right before risking the rest of me in there.

Ohh GOD was that good. The feel of the warm water and power of the jets sluicing me down from head to toe, stripping off the layers of tiredness and making my skin glow and feel clean and fresh and great.

I stepped out dripping and reached for my Gel, lathering myself from head to toe as the water steamed and pulsed in the shower next to me, running my hands into my scalp and head and face and neck, over my chest lathering with the hairs there and then down over my flat stomach to my balls and cock all smoothly shaven the day before apart from the V I left pointing to the base of my cock from my chest and stomach hair. Down the thighs and the back of the legs, bending and lifting each foot in turn balancing whilst I made sure every bit of me was covered. Then standing straight again to wrap my arms around myself to cover my back and my arms. Then stepping back into that steaming waterfall.

I closed my eyes just letting the water ping off me washing the lather away, lifting my head, turning it from side to side glorying in that feeling of being clean and fresh again, feeling human and knowing my baby was waiting for me just a wall away. I let out a groan of pleasure.

All of a sudden the water jets pressure falls off from a hard ping they become a lighter spray, still warm, still good. Before I can open my eyes I feel a pair of hands sliding over me, caressing my back muscles and sliding down my spine, sliding down and down till the curve over my ass cheeks and then down the back of my legs and slowly start up again. I stop totally still, astounded by the touch, muscles, quiver body shakes but I daren’t move. Then I hear her voice

“Turn around Baby”

I turn and look for the first time in the real flesh at my baby. Reaching up to push the water from my eyes. I see she is looking anxiously at me as the water frames her body, I see it flow down her shoulders, along those arms to drop off the ends of the fingers I had watched earlier as she ate. Watch the drops slide along her front across her chest, a small river in her cleavage down her stomach pooling at her navel then slipping down the crease of her thighs. Small waves gliding over her so smoothly shaven mound and trickling along her slightly spread thighs to fall forgotten and abandoned at her feet.

She watches me as I devour every last inch of her, her nipples perked and hardened surrounded by their dark brown aureoles, her hair soaked and falling across her shoulders and the back I could not see, her breasts so perfect in proportion to her so sexy, so wonderful, so desirable, so FUCKING PERFECT. I couldn’t say a word, I just stared, I was totally struck speechless.

All I could do was take that step which separated us. Take that step and wrap my arms around her naked body for the first time and feel us joined skin to skin. Feel her held tight against me as her arms went up behind me to my back pulling me into her as I pulled her into me. My cock immediately hard and aroused pushing between us, knowing as I felt it pushed against me she felt it pushing into her, her head turned against my chest then moving lifting up, blinking in the spray to look up at me.

I moved a hand from around her and brushed the water off her brow and away from her eyes. Smiling so lovingly into those eyes which asked so much, feared so much. All I could say so were two words as my head went down to place my lips to hers

“Oh Baby”

Then our lips were joined as our bodies were joined, lips pressing as bodies pressed. Hands reaching to cradle heads, holding them pulling them against each other to make as perfect a seal between us as we could. Merging ourselves into one being, one organism, one existence. Tongues flying from mouths to find their partners, to twist and curl and combine each of us making small incoherent noises of pleasure, mmm’s and grunts as hands released heads to slide up and across backs over shoulders down hips and sides but never parting the seal of our bodies and our lips. The feel of her breasts pressed against me, her nipples hard, boring indents of pleasure in the skin they made contact with both of us pressing hard into the other ,twisting ,, sliding lubricated by the water, my leg sliding between hers feeling her spread her own legs wider to balance as I pressed against her, hips against me, her mound pressing hard into the top of my thigh, my cock so god dam hard and aching from the strength of my erection.

We hungered for each other and in those first seconds, which stretched to minutes, we felt what the other felt for the first time, confirmed with touch what we had known by mind and talk all those months. And it was right.

She finally breaks her mouth from mine..

“God baby, for a second when you said nothing, I was petrified, then I saw your eyes saw all that you felt shine out of them. Shh baby.” as she placed a finger at my lips as I went to speak. “Don’t, not yet, I want this to be my welcome gift to you.”

And as she kept looking up at me she knelt down and took my aching cock in her hands. It was like an iron girder but wrapped in a smooth velvet casing. Watching me all the time she slowly ran her fingers down it’s length, I couldn’t help but let out a groan and had to lean back against the wall my legs almost giving way under me. She smiled wickedly and just kept up that touch with her fingers and nails up and down my shaft, i couldn’t take my eyes off her, the pleasure spasm coursing through me making me shiver and shake. Then with her fingers still dancing she reached out with her tongue and just lapped over the head, running her tongue round and round. She let go with one hand and must have reached the controls as the water went off leaving us both dripping, in more ways than one. Then bringing her hand back, one hand, nails moving up and down the base of my cock she gently cupped my balls with the other, rotating her palm gently to move them round and round. Leaning forward she opened her mouth and took just the very head of my cock into it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god nnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

Was the only sound I could make, as I reached down with my hands to slide them into her hair and around her face. Never taking her eyes off me she stopped running her nails over me but kept her palm massaging my balls, then slowly, oh god so slowly she started to slide her mouth down the length of my cock.

I had never felt anything like it, how come I didn’t explode in that second I will never know, my whole body was enraptured. The feelings emanating from my cock by what she was doing were sending waves of pleasure and feelings I had never had before coursing through me. As slowly as she had slid her mouth down me, she slid it back up, stopping before the head came out and again sliding her tongue around it over the soft top around the ridge. I almost passed out as another wave hit me, I had to let go her head and hair and brace myself on the side of the shower, knees buckled and I almost fell but she let go my balls and helped support me with a hand on the waist.

Letting my cock slip from her mouth, she looked up into my hardly focused eyes, her fingers wrapped around, me and smoothly stroking up and down my whole length wickedly smiles and said

“mmmm I think my baby likes his welcome present, and god do I like this”

As she again took my cock into her mouth this time grazing it lightly with her teeth as she slid it in. Then suddenly she was moving her mouth hard up and down it, milking my cock I couldn’t help but move my hips in time with her mouth. She put her hands on my hips making sure I didn’t push to hard but all the time up and down , up and down, up and down. Letting go with one hand she again cradled my balls massaging with her palm.

I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t take any more, it was impossible…

“Baby, baby, baby, baby.” I said “I’m gonna cum baby im goona cum”

What happened next to this day I don’t know. My body shook, my body shivered, my body jerked, I lost it totally, my cum came racing up my cock like a magma explosion from a volcano, it’s heat was searing me, it’s force destroying me I lost it totally. I mean TOTALLY.

All I remember next is lying on the floor of that shower, back supported by the wall legs splayed out in front mf me. She was beside me gently stroking my still hard cock, but so softly so wonderfully. There was cum everywhere, on me, on her, on her breasts and lips I am sure, I promise you, as I looked up there was even some on the ceiling of the shower. She was smiling happily, dreamily looking into my eyes and all I could do was smile weakly back at her. She reached up for the controls and the water started up again, washing us clean and bringing me back round.

When I felt I finally could I pushed myself off the floor making her finally release my now so wonderfully tender and oh so sensitive cock. I reached across and turned the water off. Bent down picked her up in my arms.

I walked with her in my arms into the main room. Before joining me she had lit scented candles around the room and now that was all the light there was. In their flickering light I carried her over to the bed and laid her gently on it. Now it was going to be my turn ………

To be continued J

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