Day one of many  

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7/26/2006 8:57 pm
Day one of many

Well, where to begin? I suppose a brief background to my situation is in order. I left my fiancee in South Carolina three weeks ago. She states she will join me when she can. She just can't right now. She lost her job recently and the employment picture down there is bleak compared to Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. So, whatever. If she's not following me, if she's not making an effort to follow me, if she's not accepting an open invitation to come up here and live with me, what am I supposed to do? How long am I supposed to wait for her? I'll tell you. No longer. She can keep the ring and any personal items I left there with the intention of her bringing them up when she finally does come up. Now is my turn to enjoy life. I've done the marriage thing already. I've had the family. I've had the divorce and lost it all. I've attempted to do it again but I give up now. Now is for me. I hate dipping into the company ink but there are some very nice ink wells available there. I will start with those and let y'all know how I make out on a day to day basis. Day one of this journal begins with no sex, unless you want to count the three times I jerked off today as sex. When I go to bed I will jerk off again making it four for the day. I would much rather get blown or laid four times a day but I won't complain just yet. Good night and send me a picture I can jerk off to. Or better yet, let's meet so I can put something interesting up on here.

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