The wonders of a great date!!  

EnduringDreamer 45F
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4/6/2006 4:44 pm
The wonders of a great date!!

I went out to eat with my guy today... thats a new thing to write... the concept of someone being completely mine. For me and no one else...
Strange , new, and absolutely wonderful territory to be in folks!!
We sat and we ate... told stories about our lives, laughed more and then gave each other those hot steamy looks that you read about in the romance novels... YUMMY!!!
Then we drove somewhere private and sat on a swing together... yeah I know.. cornball central.. but there is something to be said for the lost art of pure courtship. For the man to hold the woman and just quietly swing.
I found myself resting my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes... and letting everything else drift away except for the beating of his heart under my ear.
My mind wandered to my past... how I used to tell myself that I was fine without tenderness or soft, loving touches in my life... that the encounters I occassionally engaged in were sufficient for my needs. But I always found myself feeling alittle hollow afterward. The people I would be with... were not mine... they were placebos. They were mere substitutes for what I really needed. They had their purpose, true enough... but they didnt make me feel fulfilled. They werent MINE... they belonged to other people.
Early this morning.. I was a basket case.. a total victim of too much late night self introspection.
This man isnt anything like the men I have known before.... yes, some of the situations are similar... but he is a totally different personality.
And he wants me... with all my screwed up baggage... he WANTS me. Not just the physical... even though the sex is OUTSTANDING! But he wants inside of my head.... which I gotta wonder about his sanity.. because inside of my head is a damn scary place sometimes.
I am going to see him again tonight... so you guys wont hear from me anymore today.... *winces at the loud cheering*
Until next time.....

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