The Fate Of All Nice Men  

EnderWiggin86 31M
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7/19/2006 11:31 pm

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The Fate Of All Nice Men

O.K. Is it just me or does it seem like the nice guys get the raw end of the deal? First let me preface this with this: I can only go from my observations. From what I’ve seen in my short 19 or so years of living it seems to me that nice dependable men get the raw part of women. All I can tell is that(and please prove me wrong) most women when they are younger and more sexually active tend to go with the men who are more likely to cheat on them, leave them, or break their hearts. Granted these men are probably more experienced at sex and more willing to try new and dangerous stuff(i.e. rock climbing). However, my point is this, what do most women want from the men they marry? You guessed it - dependability! And prey tell what do most nice guys have? Again, dependability! So I ask you once again, what do nice guys get out of being nice guys? I have heard women talking about how their men don’t open the car door for them, how they don’t push in their seats when he takes her out to a nice restaurant, or how he never says excuse me after burping or farting. But why should we do any of those things if we don’t get something for it? In dog training they call it positive reinforcement, if the dog does something that you like or that you want him to keep doing, you give him a treat. Ladies all I ask is that you share the love with us nice guys, o.k.? Is that too much to ask?

SexyT12078 50F

7/20/2006 12:58 am

aww that's a sweet post. Sounds like you were raised by good parents.
You are right though. Alot of women go for the bad boy types and end up in tears getting shit on. I'm guilty of that myself.That's why we are no longer together.
Good post and best wishes to you.

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