PARTY On SAt. 11th  

EnBlove 59M/60F
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3/15/2006 10:11 pm
PARTY On SAt. 11th

Ok so we ended up with 4 couples. Did a little BBQ and then visited for a bit we knew 3 of the couples really well. A 4th couple that we have seem a couple of times still sorta a newbie, they cam a bitlater so no BBQ for them LOL Wel Since I wasnot sure that the newer couple was ready for a full on party I decided to take her in the bedroom first. That was no problem to get her started. Then her hubby and my gal came in the bedroom and so she sorta got a fantasy of hers filled sucking me and her man doing her from behind. Then the 4 of us paired off and screwed for a while. Then I went out and attached Kay our friend from out near the KAnasas border. They get over here about once a month. SO I played with Kay for a while. yes oral and intercourse n severial positions. About that time I heard my gal Beth moaning (she is sorta loud WOW SO I went to check on what she was doing. She had a cock in her hand and one in her pussy she loves that. SO then after a little rest and visiting with our friends. I grabed Kery and we headed to the bedroom and played. SHe loves the after glow of soft touch something I really enjoy doing talking and stroking and visiting with each other lying naked in bed. SO I was a slut for sure I had all 4 women at the party. AS Beth and I always have the last screw together.Beth got 3 of the guys as well. WE love to share.Playing together last ; It is our thing and we love it. Well till next time. this was our swing party. WOWOWO Hugs Ed & Beth

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