Last nights party  

EnBlove 60M/61F
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8/27/2006 8:50 pm
Last nights party

Ok so we had 3 couples over. It was a dessert party. So there were some great treats. LOL WE usually like to visit for a while. Normally Beth or myself just feel it is time to invite someone to the bedroom and get things started. SO Beth did. Then just a few minuts later his wife went in to join then the 2 gals called in the newbie gal to hop into the middle and suck his cock. A little bit later I went in and started nibbling on his wifes pussy. She said it is about time. LOL Soon We were the only ones on the water bed. This gal makes me hott I have a hard time holding back to give a good ride. So we finnished and we came out fo the bedroom and I hear Beth in the other bedroom; she is a bit vocal; So I go watch her getting some. Soon all are resting and visiting again. now about 20 min later I ask the newbie gal if whe would like to go to the bedrom with me and off we go. Beth is sitting in the living room watching. We make out a bit: I like to hold touch and fondle for a bit well we end up me on top her on top and finnish doggie style. Whilethis is going on Beth is sitting on the living room floor and sucking off the first guy she started with. She loves to suck cock and swallow. SO now I loose track of who did who but Beth tells me that she did all 3 freinds and me of coarse. She can be such a slut WOOWWO My WOMAN. I did 2 gal friends and Beth. Our new friends male half did 2 gals. and I am not sure about our long time friends but I know they had a good time. Just a typical party for us. Oh we did not get the swing out this time. LOL WHat do you all think of our parties. Would love to here some comments.

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