answering a comment left...  

Ember72 45F
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11/30/2005 9:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

answering a comment left...

I was left a comment on one of my intries, stating how if you turn your cam on here on a.f.f, you have to tease and show and play a bit. I wrote a lengthy answer and thought I'd put it here as well

I disagree. I don't think one HAS to show and play on here. That's just what all the pervs want. No, when I turn my cam on, I turn the audio on as well...and I become lil miss dj

And there are PLENTY of people that love what I do. They love just listening to me talk about any and everything. They could care less if I show any skin or play at all. Of course I get the peeps that keep telling me to show shit...but I just tell them that if they don't like my cam, don't watch it. Go find some other chick that is showing off. I am ALWAYS myself. I'm not going to show a tit or shot of my pussy just so I'll have a bunch of guys tell me I'm hot. I know better...doesn't take much for a guy to say something like that to a fem.

Nah, I'd rather have the ones that accept me for who I am and enjoy what I choose to show. The ones that are nice and actually carry on conversations with me are the ones that make me want to flash them a little bit. And if I'm really getting along with them, I'll add them to yahoo and they'll be one of the ones that get to see a bit more. And if we're REALLY bonding and they're talking to me as a friend and could care less if I even turn on the cam, they're happy just to talk to ME...then they're the ones that will get the one on one show. Because I like them, and the fact that they see me as a person and actually stimulate my mind turns me on.

Too many fems on here are insecure and easily persauded into showing shit. Because guys will tell ANY female that she's hot if she's showing tits, ass, and pussy. Really sad...but that's how it goes/is.

At any rate, I realize that on the cam advertisements it says to get naked and have fun. BUT, it is not a rule set in stone that HAS to be done. As I said, if one doesn't like the fact that I'm not showing anything, it's pretty simple...just don't watch *smirks*

rm_tbirdace624 60M

12/14/2005 12:23 am

Well I know I am reading after the fact and I remember a short blurb that said you could something to the effect model your birthday suit and have fun.

Now the web broadcast window says nothing about anything but says you still cannot advertise or have celebrities on and then something like your hubby cannot be on without you as that is misrepresentation and you could get the boot for that.

You now can block people so turn those idiots off or just block them. And the long reading says nothing about getting naked or showing stuff. So in your wonderful sayihng mistress Ember tell them to take a flying leap .....

Brian (tbird)

Grr8time 57M  
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12/17/2005 9:09 am

Hum. Anytime someone on a voluntary membership sight says "you have to" do something I just have to wonder. It falls into the realm of thinking that everyone must conform to their wishes. I can't help but think if the reverse consideration would be true if imposed upon them.

Be yourself and enjoy it.

rm_shsc09 50M
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4/3/2006 2:35 pm

Ember, would love to chat and get to know you, and of course play!!....sorry couldn't resist the play part. I cought you today in a room....
It was a great bday present for me, so thanks!!...bday was actually yesterday.....
anyway...if you care to chat and give me a chance to get to know you...I would enjoy that..

hope to catch you in a chat again... and possibly on Y!

btw...keep up your great work ethic, you are paying dividends. I wish I could drop the weight, I play some hockey, hate the gym....

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