Thoughts as the New Year approaches  

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12/30/2005 6:43 pm

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Thoughts as the New Year approaches

A new year approaches...wondering what challenges will await me in this new year. How many heartaches, and how many happy times. I hope the positives out weigh the negitives, but I'm never one to complain too much about the negatives, for they help to make me who I am. They further my development, make me stronger, and make me wiser. Of course, I hope there aren't too many really BAD negatives.

I wonder if T and I will finally get to meet in the new year. I know we both want very badly...but we must have patience. I hate the thought that we may have to wait another 3, 4, or 5 months and maybe even longer before we will finally be able to hug and look into one anothers eyes. But, we'll be strong. Our bond is too strong to let distance get in the way of things. Then I think how it's going to be even more hard once we do meet and then have to part ways and be apart for who knows how long.

I'm still pushing the whole moving idea onto hubby. I mean, I hate it here anyway...and there would be so much more for us to do out on the east coast. The thought that I might actually be able to work with sharks...*sighs*...I'd love that so much. I would be truly happy. The thought that T and I could open up a blues club together...these aren't just fancy thoughts that fill my mind. These are things that we really could do, if we put our mind and hearts to it.

For now, fancy thoughts and dreams is all it can be. Things may change. 2 years from now, I may very well be living on the east coast. And then again, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll be stuck in this assbackwards state for the rest of my life. Gods, I hope not though. I shudder at that thought. I want to do something with my life. I don't want to be stuck here. And I want to be close to T. We're so alike, it's scary. The whole, finish each others sentences. Say the same thing at the same time. Always thinking alike... yep yep...I NEED to be closer to him. We were talking the other day...and I mentioned how I could see us arm in arm, just skipping along, laughing and creating havoc wherever we went .. he said he could see that too (and that he would skip with me *grins*) just silly shit .. I know we'd be having a blast all the time. The Terrible Two and all that. Although, I think I'd still want to be somewhat apart, just so the magic wouldn't die. I fear that if we were around each other all the time, things would change. Maybe not. But best to play it safe. Even if we were an hour or two apart...*sighs*...if only...

And so...another year begins. Another spin of the ol wheel. Lets hope it's a good one with lots of positives.

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