Football madness  

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1/8/2006 1:14 pm

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Football madness generally don't give a shit about football. But between my hubby and my dear friend and love, I've become a bit obsessed.

My friend/love is a HUGE Giants fan and he's got me hooked on them. And....OMFG! They just played so damn SHITTY!!! WTF was all of that??? *hangs head*
Complete utter bullshit. They all need to be canned!

Well, now that it's over, and they're not moving are my picks for next weekend:

Bears vs Panthers: I'm going for Panthers. I would have gone for them today anyway if I wasn't so hung up on the Giants (and just really not wanting to cross my hon since he's so passionate about them *smirks*)
But next weekend...I'll be cheering for the Panthers.

Not sure yet what the other match ups are going to be...think there's another game up..ok, yeah Steelers and Bengals....think I'll go for Pitts

Have to make my choices for the other games once I'm sure who's playing who.

It should be known that I generally pick teams based on colors and mascots *smirks* .. sometimes it's whomever the underdog is. I don't really follow football all that much, so I don't know who's been playing the best this season.

Anyway...bring on more football!!
Of course, won't be as passionate about this game coming up. And if they're boring and playing like shit, I'll stop watching

Damn hubby and my friend!

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